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Single-Family House

Single-Family House

Find the best ideas and designs and create your perfect single-family house. Browse through ideabooks and photos to get inspired or find a professional to help build your perfect single-family house.
Find the best ideas and designs and create your perfect single-family house. Browse through ideabooks and photos to get inspired or find a professional to help build your perfect single-family house.

This is the complete opposite to a multi-family residential dwelling.

A single-family detached home, also called a single-detached dwelling, single-family residence (SFR) or separate house is a free-standing residential building.

Most people adore the benefits of a single-family home. Whether it’s for yourself or an additional family member such as a teenager, extended family or parent. A one unit dwelling structure has open space on all four sides and is not attached to any other structure. A single family attached home is separated from other structures with walls that are extended from the ground to the roof.

With a directory of thousands of professionals who are experts in building a single-family home, you are sure to find one close to you and that is suited to your family home needs. Check out our many professionals who can help you from concept to completion.

How should I decorate a family home?

No matter how big or small your family, you do not need to give up your individual design style. You can still achieve beautiful interiors that are both functional and aesthetically appealing.

Consider an open floor plan and family friendly finishes like words of wisdom on the walls of the games room if you have one. In living rooms and corridors with high traffic use outdoor rugs as they’re easier to clean and look rustic too. Choose durable materials if you have younger children. Reserve areas of the home to be lit up well, like a place to play instruments, create art and wind down with the family with board games.

The most important part will be the family room which you can decorate in various ways whether you have a Basement Family Room, Colourful Family room, Craftsman Styles, Cottages Styles, Family Room Designs with Fireplace or Traditional Family Room

Where can I find single-family house ideas?

Single-family homes can be built to be a reflection of who you are outside and who you are inside. There are various distinct elevation styles – Craftsman, Victorian, Colonial, Tudor and even more to explore on the homify website.

Begin shortlisting designers or family-home professionals. There are many ways to go about a family-home re-design. Visiting various other friends or families, magazines, blogs, websites and homify is one of them.

What are some good tips for a single-family home?

You do not need to wait to decorate. Most people hold out until the kids are a little older but a well-designed family home need not have tatty furnishings for the sake of upkeep. Choose indestructible materials and finishes wisely and keep these tips in mind:

Carpets are not the most practical in a single-family house. If you do go for wall-to-wall carpets, choose darker tones, and be sure to request a stain-protective finish. Nylon and wool-nylon blends feel soft, resist stains and wear well.

For entries, hallways and family rooms look for flooring that cleans up with a damp mop. Tile, wood, laminate and linoleum work well. Wall-to-wall carpet provides padding for babies but is difficult to upkeep with spills.

When it comes to windows, long drapes may a tripping hazard. Instead, opt for simple, wipeable wood blinds or shades— those made with natural materials, such as bamboo, do a great job of hiding spills and can be secured out of reach during the day.

Walls take a pounding with young ones around so wipeable paint is a must. Satin or semigloss clean up well with a damp sponge. If you have younger children consider painting one wall with chalkboard paint and let them use chalk.

Do you have any more good family-home tips to share?

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