Wall design ideas, inspiration & pictures

Where can I find inspiration for walls designs?

Creating a unique style in your home can be difficult when you think of how many ideas there are out there. Sometimes too much choice can be overwhelming  - do you paint your walls and if so what colour? Or do you go for wallpaper or coverings? What about raw materials like exposed brick, wood paneling or lacquered cement? Whichever you decide to go with, there's no denying the walls of a home are very important. 

Start off with choosing your design style and theme. The process becomes much easier if you have an idea of the colour palette that you would like to use in a space. Once you've decided on these elements you can narrow down your search and visit our website for loads of inspiration based on your style preferences. homify lets you to save all your favorite photos in an ideabook, meaning you have one space to collect all your inspiration images to refer to and add on to whatever you like. You can also add text to the photos and leave yourself little notes or reminders of what you loved about the walls in that specific image.

If you're still overwhelmed and choosing a direction seems like a mammoth task, it's time to call in the professionals to give you a hand. Hiring an interior designer or decorator is a great idea as they are able to help you distill your aesthetic, find your design style, consider the overall function of the room and advise you accordingly. Set up interviews with potential designers to find one whose style matches your own or someone who has a portfolio of work that you like and would like to emulate. Alternatively, once you've decided on a treatment you can hire the relevant professional to apply it - whether that is a painter or a carpenter if you're doing any wood paneling. 

Take a look at the walls here on homify and you'll soon see what a worthwhile  investment it is to customize your walls as they enhance a space so much. There are so many treatment options available for rooms such as the living room, bedrooms, kitchen and bathrooms

What are my design options for decorating walls? 

While painting your walls is the easiest and most cost effective way to transform your space, there are a number of other ways to consider when designing a wall. Walls are often neglected when overhauling a room, yet they provide so much opportunity for creative displays of personality and style. They can add excitement, movement and life into a boring space or provide a sense of tranquility, peace and calmness depending on your chosen execution. You can choose between textured wallpapers, solid paints, wood paneling or moulding, exposed brick, stickers, plaster or lacquered cement - the list goes on.  

Wallpaper has made a come back in the 21st century - even the floral kind! More and more companies are manufacturing vibrant and modern designs of wall paper for both corporate and residential spaces. As a result, more and more people are opting for  wallpaper to add that touch of whimsy to their rooms. Modern, durable and  water-resistant, wallpaper can liven up a kitchen or bathroom and give texture to a home office or just act as a great focal point. This versatile option is ideal for the daring decorator.  

Children rooms can be spruced up with rubberized art - an affordable way to create a striking focal point and add a decorative scheme to a room. A few large stickers or decals can also transform a plain wall into a enchanted forest or medieval castle and create the perfect play station for kids. The great advantage to wallpaper is that it can be removed and replaced, and some varieties are even the peel and stick kind, making it ideal for the DIY enthusiast. 

Wood paneling or shiplap is a popular option at the moment. Though most associate it with the farmhouse look, it is a versatile style that adds charm and warmth to any design. 

Then of course, there's the trusted paint option. With every colour of the rainbow at your disposal and the ability to customize colours, painting is an inexpensive means of sprucing up your walls and adding character to your room. 

Don't be intimidated by these options though - many of them are DIY friendly but if you're not brave enough to tackle plaster or don't have the time to wrestle with wall paper, hiring a professional to execute your vision is the next best bet. Find professionals who are very skilled and certified to do the work, thus ensuring you'll get a quality product in the end.  

What are the most popular walls styles in South Africa? 

South Africa has a unique design style of its own. A combination between traditional African charm and European elegance. While most people choose to colour inside the lines when it comes to wall design, there are a few who venture out into more artistic renderings. There is a definite preference for cool, neutral tones of paint encased in crisp white crown moulding and skirting boards. And since homeowners prefer to be more adventurous with colour in their furniture choices, walls tend to remain solid, one tone colours like white or cream. Recently the popularity of the neutral scandinavian style has drifted to South African shores and has found great appeal amongst locals who prefer a muted look. Additionally,  the  minimalist style is very popular in South Africa and features an accent wall in rich grey or bold blue to add elegance allowing the brightly coloured, matching and sometimes metallic accessories to provide the drama. Whichever your preference there's a wall design out there just for you.