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Teen bedroom design ideas, inspiration & pictures

How to design a teenager’s bedroom

The bedroom of a teenager is a form of refuge, their own personal space, unlike one belonging to a toddler or small child, which is used mainly for playing and sleeping. But what to do once a child reaches that stage where fairy princesses and farm animals are no longer considered “cool”?

Unlike a nursery or small child’s room, styling up a teenager’s bedroom is not just about making it look pretty – it also needs to reflect their character and personal style. Where toddlers are happy to embrace a room flaunting cartoon characters or superheroes, teenagers require something more modern and which reflects their own, distinctive personalities, which leads us to an entire new realm of possibilities. If you’re unsure about where to start, look at their interests and hobbies: Do they like sports? Are they a fan of films and/or music? Use these as guidelines for choosing furnishings and décor pieces (like posters of their favourite bands).

Modern wall decorations for a teen’s bedroom

Regardless of whether you’re styling up a teenage boy- or girl’s bedroom, most of the elements will be used to express his/her identity, and when it comes to decorating those walls, a variety of options are (fortunately) available.

Posters of musicians or movies, framed photographs of their favourite sport/Hollywood stars, wallpaper dictating their interests (whether that be fashion or fast cars), artworks depicting architecture, etc. – and of course all of these possibilities, and more, have so much more potential once we start playing with colours, patterns and decorative items.

Another great addition for just about any teen’s bedroom is a whiteboard or cork message-board on which they can pin whatever they deem fit, from photographs with friends to reminders or movie tickets.

And let’s not forget to include a decent mirror, some potted plants or flowers (which can encourage some responsibility to a certain degree), as well as adequate space for hobby-related items, whether it be a skateboard, guitar, bookcase or art easel.

Essential furniture for a teen’s bedroom

Seeing as a teenager’s bedroom is their own, private space, it needs to provide a bit of everything in terms of relaxation, working, socialising with friends and spending time in solitude. We recommend the following:

·         A bed for relaxing, which will also be used for reading and listening to music. ·         A desk for studying (they are still in school, after all).

·         A comfortable chair that won’t cause back problems

·         Adequate storage areas for a range of elements – a teen’s life is a busy one with things constantly happening, which means a lot of shelves (and drawers and cubby holes) are vital to help keep that busy life on track, whether it be for school books, their music/movie collection, to show off their sports medals or something else altogether.

·         A bin for their trash – it will definitely help to keep their room neater.

·         Adequate lighting for a range of functions, which means layered lighting is key here – think a desk lamp for studying, a bedside one for reading in bed, a ceiling light to provide overall illumination, etc.

Ideas for a small teenage bedroom

Just because a teenager’s bedroom is small doesn’t mean it can’t be fully functional – or visually splendid. The trick to making a small space work is to keep proportion in mind, for example, letting them have a canopy bed (if it suits their style), yet keeping the rest of the furniture/décor clean and simple. Choose softer colours and smaller prints. And never underestimate the power of double-duty furniture, even if the room is big: a bed with built-in drawers for storage; a sofa-bed; wall-mounted shelving instead of stand-alone bookcases; a trunk that can be used for storage, seating and as a coffee table; etc.

If it comes to choosing between a desk and storage areas, forego the desk – many teens prefer to study on their beds or the floor, or you can even get a small sliding computer desk that can double as a bedside table, but don’t neglect decent storage compartments if you want to avoid a cluttered room.

How homify can help

Whether your child is an infant, a toddler, an adolescent or a full-blown teenager, our range of bedrooms (and play pens) will provide the perfect inspiration for his/her style, not to mention your budget. Take a look at our ever-increasing range of images in a multitude of different designs, and don’t forget to check out our professionals page to see which architect (or interior designer, or landscape architect, or carpenter etc.) can help make your dream space a reality.