Study/office design ideas, inspiration & pictures

What makes an ideal home office?

Having the opportunity to work from home, dictate your own schedule or routine and create an ambiance that fosters a strong work ethic is really a privilege for most people. Very few have the chance to have a home office, even if they do work from home, it's often in a forgotten room that serves multiple uses or shoved in a corner somewhere where there's lots of distraction or clutter. 

So what would the ideal home office be like? Depending on your needs, creating the perfect office space rests on a combination of  various elements namely organization, efficiency, comfort, style, inspiration & the perfect accessories are just a few elements that come to mind.  

Where can I find inspiration for home office design?

The homify website has a vast selection of images and tips that will be useful for anyone looking to create a home office. Whether you're looking for a specific style or functionality or haven't decided on an aesthetic yet, there are plenty of  ideas to inspire your design style needs. Filled with exclusive decor ideas, a variety of furniture options and floor layouts,  Homify has it all. The greatest inspiration however, will come from your own personal needs. Unlike corporate offices or communally shared spaces that are not designed with individuality in mind, your home office can be customized to suit your every need - hence making a list of all your requirement is the best place to start. 

Once you know what you need, you can go about finding solutions for each element. If your work requires quiet, then you'll need to look at converting a space in your home that has doors. Or if your work involves some construction, like a dress-maker or crafter, you might focus more on your work-shop area than your desk for your computer.

How do I choose the right home office design for me?

Creating a functional and stylish space is essential to achieve the ideal home office.  And when looking at all the inspiration you'll come across when designing your home office, it's easy to to get overwhelmed and get a bit confused when it comes to your overall vision for your space. Choosing between various furniture options, paint colours, room layouts, storage and filing systems can be quite a task and even lead to a more cluttered space that you intended. Those who encounter a lot of client interaction, need to think about the best furniture options for their space. Choosing the right design style for you comes down to narrowing all your preferences down to one theme. Here are  a few popular design styles to consider bearing in mind you have the freedom to mix and match them.

The country home office is a classic, elegant design that's suitable for those seeking a warm yet classy space.  With elegant wooden furniture, white accents and textured fabrics, this style is very inviting and can blend well into the design of the rest of the house. Incorporating florals, reclaimed wood and glass decor will create that quintessential country space.

A modern home office incorporates cutting edge technology and accessories while displaying a focus on efficiency through its functionality and style. Sleek lines, cool tones, glass and reflective surfaces make for a typical modern home office. Another crucial element of any home office is lighting and the modern style offers a vast variety in light fixtures and that make a statement. 

Looking for a raw unfinished look complete with wooden and metal accents and furniture, then look no further than the the industrial style. Warm cozy textures on curtains and furniture can be used to soften the look and take away that masculine edge.  Open shelving and mixed metals top off the look.

How do I pick the right wall colour for my home office?

Since the wall colour of a room can make a huge impact on the overall look and feel of a room, it's important to choose wisely when it comes to you wall colour. You might prefer bright colours but should consider how those bright colours will affect your concentration. Conversely,  you're taste might lean towards muted pastels which will look calm and inviting but could also be uninspiring and dreary. Dark colours, while rich and luxurious, can dampen one's mood unless well lit, making working in that space feel tedious. If you're indecisive you could consider having an accent wall which will allow you to be adventurous with your choices.  Plain colours can be enhanced by artwork, wall paper accents or texture like exposed brick panels or shiplap. 

What flooring options do I have for my home office?

Your options are endless when it comes to flooring. While carpets are becoming less popular due to their cleaning requirements,  having hardwood floors with area rugs gives you a balance between hard and soft, clean and cozy. Hard wood floors also come in a range of styles including sanded, refinished & polished. You could also opt for vinyl tiles that resemble wood. These are very popular due to their ease of cleaning, sleek look and economical installation. You could also go with traditional tiles  - great for a work space that sees a lot of traffic, wear and tear. 

What are the top tips for decorating my home office?

Creating separate workstations is useful if your work is multifaceted. A desk for your computer, a table to create on or a couch for reading & brainstorming.

Having a designated room for your office away from the activity and noise of the rest of the house is crucial for productivity and efficiency.

Keep your furniture comfortable  and functional. There are many beautiful trendy pieces out there but since you'll be spending a lot of time in this space, its best to go with furniture that will be comfortable. 

Splurge on your lighting. If there one area you can feel good about spending more money on - it's your lighting. Well placed lights in beautiful fixtures, and the inclusion of natural light can make or break a rooms look.  

Accessories are the more than just the cherry on top.  If chosen and placed correctly, they can be a great way to express your personality, display personal mementos and add style to your home office.

How do I make the most of a small home office?

Generally, home offices are converted bedrooms or spaces that aren't used frequently so transforming a floor plan that was not intended for office use can be tricky if you don't have a good architectural flow.  If you have a smaller home office the best is to keep things simple and efficient. Focus on furniture that doubles as storage, organize your belongings in such a way that they can serve as decor as well, like books. And as you've heard before, lighting is key. Picking the right paint colour and appropriately sized furniture along with great lighting can make a small room look and function like a larger office.