Spa design ideas, inspiration & pictures

What makes the perfect spa?

Everyone has their own idea on what constitutes the perfect home spa. From bold, contemporary spaces to more traditional spa and sauna styles, home spas (like home cinemas and infinity pools) are elements that speak of a luxurious lifestyle.

The perfect spa should inspire relaxation and wellness, whether it’s a minimalist style in a small space, or a vast and luxurious design with every amenity imaginable. A home spa can make a welcome permanent addition to your indoor or outdoor space, while ‘non-permanent’ elements like portable home saunas can transform that extra space or room as and when required.

Spa ideas and inspiration

Here at homify, we are brimming with design inspiration, whether it’s in image- or text form. In terms of visual inspiration, we have a widespread collection of top-quality images that speak of any space in- and outside the house, from gardens and patios to bedrooms and kitchens (and yes, that also includes spas). Text-wise, we bring you daily articles detailing inspiration, design problems, or anything else that relates to architecture, interior design and lifestyle.

Don’t forget that we also put you in touch with a widespread variety of professionals operating throughout South Africa (from architects and roofers to interior decorators and tilers), ensuring you are so much closer to that perfect indoor (and outdoor) style you desire for your home.

How do I design a spa at home?

The perfect spa needs to incorporate your needs and lifestyle. For those looking for the occasional indulgence, portable saunas and spa facilities can turn existing areas into temporary spa spas. Those who require a more permanent solution might want to seek out the help of an architect, interior designer, or another equally professional expert here on homify to help them achieve their ideal space of serenity. 

What do I need to consider when building a spa at home?

When installing more permanent fixtures like pools and water features, long-term impact and investment need to be considered. Filtration and cleaning systems either need to be easily maintained, or able to last the pool’s intended lifetime. Ensuring an eco-friendly design with low environmental impact is essential. Investing in quality systems and foundations at this stage is a must to ensure savings on maintenance down the line. 

What equipment do I need for my home spa?

Home spas can be as simple as an indoor pool and steam room, of offer up a much more lavish space complete with saunas, hot tubs, treatment rooms, spacious wooden decks, sublime garden views, etc..

Everyday essentials like loungers and recliners, massage boards and treatment tables should all be selected for comfort and long-term value. Extended treatment rooms and facilities might require specialist equipment and supplies, while larger features like pools will need their own stock of spares for repairs and maintenance supplies.

What facilities does a spa need?

Other than the staple spa equipment and essentials, every home spa should be equipped with en-suite shower and changing facilities, as well as plenty of reclining- and relaxation space.

Many home spas also integrate a small bar or serving area, or open into larger outdoor hosting areas, seeing as eating and drinking are also favoured activities at spas worldwide.

Some of the more popular elements that can be found in most home spas include:


Saunas use steam and aromatherapy to promote maximum relaxation. With designs dating back centuries, there’s a range of more traditional steam saunas made of wood or stone to contemporary relaxation retreats with contoured seating, integrated lighting and aroma-release technology.

Hot tub

An icon of modern spas, a hot tub can be utilised indoors or out. Hot tubs are designed for hosting, with multi-person capacities and contoured edges for optimum comfort. From simple heated pools to bubble baths (a.k.a. Jacuzzis), hot tubs offer up a range of features to help de-stress the user.

Hot tubs, especially, are excellent choices for when you want to take your spa/soaking experience outdoors with a beautiful garden view and fresh air.

Steam room

From traditional sweat lodge styles to more modern steam cabins, the steam room is a home spa staple. Steam rooms can be more open and expansive spaces that cater to multiple users at a time, or smaller, single-user cabins for solitary relaxation and enjoyment. Steam rooms offer more concentrated steam therapy, with simple-to-use controls for occasional enjoyment, or a full-blown steam and aromatherapy routine focusing on different senses and body parts.

What styles can I consider for my spa?

We’re spoiled for choice; however, factors like space, personal preference and budget all feature in the final design of your spa.

Modern spas

Modern home spas take relaxation to the next level, with sleek and contemporary fixtures and fittings and seamlessly integrated technology to enhance your experience. Pools heated to perfection, ambient lighting, underfloor heating, hot-tub extensions – so many solutions can be tailored to perfection, for the modern spa takes the vintage spa of yesteryear and gives it a 21st century makeover.

Eclectic spas

When making a design statement, eclectic spas are ideal for tailoring a space to suit individual tastes. Custom hot tub and spa design can turn spa staples into real points of interest, with bespoke systems and settings for tailor-made relaxation and maximum enjoyment. Eclectic spas can be outdoors, freestanding or integrated into indoor living space.

Classic spas

Those opting for the classic spa option still have plenty of choice in terms of design, with beautifully shaped pools streamlined for comfort, water features clad in golden finishes, and eye-catching tiling designs for floors and walls (and even ceilings) being just some of the signature trademarks of classic spas.