Media room design ideas, inspiration & pictures

What is the perfect home cinema?

Like a spa or home gym, a home cinema is a prime example of a luxurious lifestyle. Audio- and video equipment of movie-theatre quality, along with comfortable furniture boasting with style, are added to a room to create a media room to be enjoyed privately by the homeowners and guests.  

Where can I find home cinema ideas & inspiration?

Apart from Googling home cinema ideas, homify is chock-a-block with inspiration (in image- and article form) to help you create the perfect space in terms of electronics, furniture, lighting, etc.. One has the choice of making a home theatre in a room or having a natural open space turned into a garden-home cinema. The inspiration of making a home cinema comes from the love for movies and luxury. The décor and overall look of the room will depend on your individual taste and preference. 

What elements are required for my home cinema?

Depending on where you want to have a home cinema, there are many choices. The basic factors one requires for a home cinema are the high-definition projector and a high-definition screen. Viewing a movie, just like in public cinemas, requires silence, so pick a room or space away from a busy street.

Effective lighting is a must and should be aptly placed and used while no movie is playing. The furniture, chairs and tables must be placed to allow for a cosy viewing experience in terms of height and comfort.

If your space and budget allow for it, you can also add accessories like a small refrigerator to store refreshments. If the projector idea does not work, other technological gadgets, like a big flat-screen TV (of appropriate dimensions) can be used for the best movie-viewing experience. Remember to also focus on providing excellent additional effects in terms of sound (speakers, surround sound, etc.) and image (like a Blue Ray DVD player, for example).  

What wall colour should I choose for my home cinema?

Keep the walls plain and in a dark colour. Dark colours are suggested for the walls because they have the tendency to absorb light and sound faster and better than bright colours. Keeping the walls simple is best, as it focuses the attention on the screen instead of the architecture or décor (which is as it should be for a cinema room).

However, should you wish to add your own personal touch (such as vintage movie posters in beautiful frames, or patterned wallpaper), then by all means!

What type of flooring should I put in my home cinema?

Movie enthusiasts sometimes love to have a great movie experience by turning the room into a complete theatre. The floor of this room is often sloped, providing more height to the chairs in the back.

In case of a levelled room, one can use any kind of material. Although a wooden floor is recommended, wall-to-wall carpeting provides a softer look while the carpet also absorbs sound much better.

Are there any specific tips for decorating a home cinema?

The right lighting is crucial for a home cinema, not only in terms of looks but also functionality. In addition, the room should also be properly furnished with the state-of-the-art furniture like recliners that have snack trays, cup holders, flip-up seat cushions, foot massagers (for a really deluxe look and feel), etc.. If the room is small, then cushy sofas or daybeds with comfortable pillows can also conjure up a most inviting and comfortable ambience.

For the best home cinema pool parties, you can easily arrange required accessories, chairs and bean bags for the cinema session. The sound system, the lights, the clarity of the projection screen and the distance of the screen from the chairs should all be kept in mind for an effective movie experience. Certain additions can be made to give the room the right ‘look’, like shelves filled with DVDs, posters of your favourite films and movie stars, a vintage popcorn machine, etc..

Keep the floors clean and carpet them with plain colours (rugs can also be used instead of wall-to-wall carpets). A refrigerator and/or bar can be the ideal add-on, but again this depends on personal taste, space and budget.

What elements are vital for a modern-style home cinema?

Apart from the abovementioned factors, a modern-style home cinema needs to have minimal art pieces, décor etc to make it look clean and open. Neutral colours are ideal, yet if you want to include a bold hue (such as a bright, Hollywood-carpet red) on the floor or wall, it can add a touch of elegance.

What elements are vital for an industrial-style home cinema?  

Although the industrial-style home cinema will also have the open space and less-is more look of the modern and minimalist designs, the main focus should be on the materials used. Leather and dark colours are crucial, which means opting for elements like leather beanbags, dark-coloured carpets, dark paint/wallpaper for the walls, etc.. Wooden floors and an exposed brick wall (perhaps in the back of the room) can be the ideal touch. Tables and bar areas should be styled up with dark wood, while the use of decorative items must be kept to a minimum.