Country Style Living Room Design Ideas & Pictures

  1. Living Room: country Living room by OLIVEHILL Architects
  2. : country Living room by Spegash Interiors
  3. Need help with your home project?
    Need help with your home project?
  4. : country Living room by Spegash Interiors
  5. : country Living room by Spegash Interiors
  6. House Snyman: country Living room by Property Commerce Architects
  7. White River Manor: country Living room by Principia Design
  8. Need help with your home project?
    Need help with your home project?
  9. Main Living Room: country Living room by Tim Ziehl Architects
  10. AKABEKO LODGE: country Living room by Studious Architects
  11. Living Room: country Living room by Tru Interiors
  12. Living Room: country Living room by Tru Interiors
  13. country Living room by Mignon van de Bunt Interieurontwerp, Styling & Realisatie
  14. country Living room by Ensamble de Arquitectura Integral
  15. country Living room by 北歐制作室內設計
  16. country Living room by 中庭のある家|水谷嘉信建築設計事務所
  17. country Living room by 木皆空間設計
  18. country Living room by Jonás Retamal Arquitectos
  19. country Living room by Unicorn Design
  20. country Living room by АвтоСтрой
  21. country Living room by Rusticasa
  22. country Living room by 存果空間設計有限公司
  23. country Living room by Studio FLORIS
  24. country Living room by 知域設計
  25. country Living room by Home Staging Sylt GmbH
  26. country Living room by 知域設計
  27. country Living room by Titchmarsh & Goodwin
  28. country Living room by roomy showroom
  29. country Living room by Weber Arquitectos
  30. country Living room by 浩司室內裝修設計有限公司 HOUSE INTERIOR DESIGN
  31. country Living room by Medie Interieurarchitectuur
  32. country Living room by design4y
  33. country Living room by giorgio davide manzoni

What are the best options for the floors in a country style living room?

Hardwood naturally coloured floors have been the standard choice for a country style living room, but now more modern options have come about. Laminate wooden floors are also a great choice for the country interior, as they are lighter in weight, easy enough to replace as well as easier to clean. Wood is not the only option for a country style living room, rough terracotta tiles have also added an even more rustic theme to a farmhouse look. 

In addition to hardwood, laminate flooring, and terracotta tiling, interior designers could consider underfloor heating in their country style living room. Why add heating you ask? Underfloor heating serves many purposes in a living space not just in the living room. It has an obvious main purpose, to heat the floors and warm up the entire room. It has heat that radiates throughout the entire area, perfect for a living room with high ceilings and for families with children. 

Now that we have established what the floors will be made of, we can decide what carpet, rug or mat will best suit the country style flooring. There are a lot of options starting with a themed rug. This theme can coexist with the rest of the design style by looking out for certain colours that would accommodate the warm undertones in the rest of the room. Some stylish choices for a carpet scheme, can be an Aztec pattern rug that has traditional zigzag and geometric shapes in its core design. 

How should I do my lighting in a country style living room?

There are many ways to light up and accentuate the interior of country style house, the first way to do this is with a rustic and naturally inspired chandelier. Rustic or naturally inspired simply means made from natural materials such as wood or shells. These can be preserved and strengthened over time and will therefore make a great addition to a country style living room. 

Free-standing lamps are also a good choice for this country theme, as they double as decorative pieces as well functional forms of dim and soft lighting that can be placed all around the living room. You can choose different sizes and designs of lamps, like wooden lamps, porcelain lamps or hollow metallic lamps that can add another layer of modern meets country in the living room. 

How could I decorate my country style living room?

A country style living room is a classic combination of woods, luxurious warm colours and extravagant patterns found in the rugs and the cushions on the grand couches. The first step in decorating the country home would be to consider the varying types of furniture accessories such as pillows and cushions that will be scattered around the room. It is important to choose cushions that are obscure in size, so have oversized or extremely large cushions, then have small and dainty decorative cushions to emphasize the rustic country theme. The cushions could also have variations of texture in their materials, such as faux fur on a small cushion and pure cotton on a large cushion. This is a fun way to create variety in the design scheme within the country style living room. 

To further the country style living room, it is common to add an assortment of scented candles. This may seem tacky or too common for decorating a living room, but it is a timeless decoration element that will never go out of style if they are placed correctly. Preferably, the candles should be in a collective bunch of no less than 10 candles, and should also be a variety of shapes. Such us votive, pillar and tealight candles coupled together in a single arrangement. 

What window coverage options do I have in a country style living room? 

Now that the inside of the room is decorated and styled accordingly, we can take a look at the windows. How can we stylishly frame and cover the windows in this country style home. The first option we have available is manual wooden blinds. These are popular because of their easiness to use, as well as the variety of colours they come in, from bleached light wood, to dark stained wood. 

The second option for window coverage are electric material blinds. These are popular in the hotel industry as they are simple to apply, as well as easy to clean. They can be operated with a remote and provide total blackout from the sun. The only issue is that they are fairly pricey, starting at approximately ZAR600 per metre, it could easily cost a few thousands to complete an entire home. An alternative option for the windows could be wooden window shutters. This perfectly suited interior design piece emphasizes the farmhouse and barn shed look that a country style living room is aiming to achieve by adding rusticity that will instantly brighten up the windows as well as the room.