Modern kitchen design ideas & pictures

Modern kitchen ideas and inspiration

The modern kitchen always seems to be popular amongst design-conscious home planners. That may be because modern kitchen design is so open to change and updates – quite the practical benefit, seeing how fast trends and technology change these days.  

Tips for creating a modern kitchen

First and above all, a kitchen should always be a working zone. Its reputation for being a socialising spot is a modern-day factor, as the kitchen (like any other room) continues to evolve.

A modern kitchen is dynamic, with clear, sharp lines and smart ideas for blending storage and good looks. It always aims for beautifully lit spaces, especially where food is being prepared, and by natural light (if possible). However, don’t discount the importance of artificial lighting sources or layered lighting – after all, any space where you’ll be working with sharp objects and boiling-hot surfaces should be as clear and visible as possible.

The modern kitchen is usually separate from the dining- and living areas, although access to these areas are easily accessible, especially when it comes to open-plan layouts.

Modern kitchen planning made easy

It doesn’t have to be difficult or expensive crafting a modern-style kitchen these days. Thanks to the never-ending inspiration here on homify, you can find tips and tricks on literally any element pertaining to the kitchen (modern or otherwise), such as storage areas, best suggestions for backsplashes, which materials to use in the kitchen (and which not to), what flooring is best for a cooking space, how to effectively separate your kitchen from other areas in your house (or how to open them up again), etc.

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What will a modern kitchen cost?

There is no set price for the modern kitchen, as a range of factors influence the final costs: the size of your kitchen, the materials you opt for, the type of finishes you want, the professionals you make use of, the area in which you live, etc.

Remember that you won’t need to waste money on needless features or decorations. The beauty of the design will lie in its functionality, meaning that a modern kitchen should be extremely cost effective, keeping only the most crucial elements and cancelling out the space-wasting ones.

However, any kitchen is a major investment (it is one of the first things potential buyers look at when scoping out a new house), so take care to have a top-notch expert who really knows the modern style inside and out by your side when designing yours

What elements are vital in a modern kitchen?

Lighting is crucial in any kitchen. Think about the placement of your windows, the colour of your walls and cabinetry (is definitely influences your kitchen illumination-wise), and the type of materials you’ll be using in the kitchen (like metal, stainless steel, glass).

Space is another huge factor. Family kitchens require more legroom than ones designed for single people or couples, what with children running around, doing homework at the kitchen island, helping parents out when cooking or baking, for instance.

Never underestimate storage, as the last thing you want is a cluttered kitchen. Cabinetry is a must-have element for a kitchen, yet sometimes this is not enough to store small appliances, crockery, and other pieces. That’s when it’s time to consider floating shelves, adding in cubby holes, drawers with multiple storage compartments, a kitchen pantry, a kitchen cart (with built-in storage) that can roll out of the way when required, etc.. 

Should my modern kitchen have a kitchen island?

That depends upon your needs and personal taste. For some people, a kitchen island will be a needless expense and inconvenience, limiting movement around a modern kitchen (especially if said kitchen is already quite small). For others, having extra seating- and working space is a vital aspect of the kitchen, turning it from just a food-preparation space into a social setting.

However, there’s no denying that, if you have the legroom and budget for an island, that it could make a huge impact on the look, feel and functionality of a modern-day kitchen, as it helps out with storage, presents extra working surfaces, complements the rest of the kitchen’s style and décor, can present an informal dining spot, is quite user-friendly in terms of socialising, etc.  

Ideas for modern kitchenettes

Small kitchens can still have the style and functionality of their bigger counterparts. Remember that the same rules apply for a kitchenette in terms of storage, lighting, legroom for movement, for example.

Recessed lighting will make the most of a confined space, as will pull-out cupboards for dry goods. Integrated fridges are another space-saving option. The skill lies in packing it all into your space, but leaving room for movement. The use of neutral tones for walls will also make a kitchenette seem much roomier, as will ample natural lighting.

What should I look for when buying a modern kitchen worktop?

The worktop is the most important surface in any modern kitchen, and it needs to be extremely functional. There are plenty of materials that could be used for the worktop which combine this functionality with physical beauty.

For example, polished granite is hard to scour and ages well, while hardwood is easy to clean. Steel and other metal compounds are great choices to add some modern excitement to the kitchen, and are similarly hardwearing.

The key is to find a worktop material for your modern kitchen which will be:

·         easy to clean,

·         practical,

·         durable, and

·         which fits into your overall design.

For example, don’t buy an exotic stone worktop just because you like the colour. How does it fit into the overall plan in terms of durability? Remember: one element out of place can spoil the entire balance of a modern kitchen.