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Country kitchen design ideas & pictures

What colours work the best in a country style kitchen?

A country style kitchen largely focuses on the main purpose of the kitchen - cooking and preparing food. Therefore, not a lot of colours or complicating patterns are necessary in this style of kitchen. The first colour to take into consideration is white. Not just any white, but there are varying options of the colour white, ivory, cream, eggshell and so on. Choosing from any one of the kinds of white is a great choice to start the basis of a country style kitchen. 

The second colour that you could consider is copper. This is a kind of material as well as a shade of bright, pink brown. This is a new trendy colour that accompanies almost any colour or style pallet. This is a great way to break through the all round rustic design that the entire kitchen will have. It is a clever way to place a modern metallic element in an obscure place, like in the pots and pans, in the stove and even the fridge. 

To cut through the white and copper, a beautiful light grey can be thrown into the mix, to give the room volume and shape. The grey can typically be placed in a smooth tile, in the kitchen cabinets, or in the other smaller appliances too. Adding a slightly darker colour as compared to white and copper, which are bright and reflective, a light grey can add depth to the other surfaces and colours in the room. 

The final colour to add to this country style kitchen, as well as any kitchen, is green. An interior design tactic to be used is to place a miniature herb garden on windows. This is one way to add that fresh green into the kitchen. Another way to add green into a kitchen without being too overpowering, is to use it in subtle tones within the decorations, like fruit bowls and drinking glasses. 

What are the most common materials used in a country style kitchen?

There are three main materials that designers and decorators use in a country style kitchen, and those are ceramic tiling, wood, and granite. These are three of the most popular and commonly used elements within in any style of kitchen, not just the country. Lets first cover the ceramic tiling material, that is commonly used on the floors of  kitchen as they make a great cooling system from the bottom of the room that flows upwards. They come in many different colours, textures and shapes. They are relatively cheap and easy to install, so they are great for any kitchen. 

Secondly, wood is great for a country style kitchen. They are commonly used in the kitchen countertops, sometimes in the floors, and the most obvious place is in the kitchen cabinets and cupboards surrounding the kitchen. Some old fashioned country style kitchens still use wooden panels on the walls as a way to keep the kitchen warm and at one temperature. This is a very old fashioned styling technique but there are some modern twists that current designers have created to alter the look and feel of the panels on the walls. 

Next, and finally we can discuss the material that can be found almost every modern kitchen, which is granite. Granite was a clever design material that professionals started choosing because of its multiple uses and clean surface. They are resistant to extreme temperatures, like freezing cold and high heat without cracking or simply breaking off. They are also resistant to chips and fading which is one of the hardest things to avoid in a kitchen with all the sharp utensils used so frequently. 

What options do I have for my country style kitchen floor?

There are many options for a country style kitchen floor, starting with the most obvious choice being wood. Within in the wood category, there is laminate wooden flooring as well as hardwood floors to choose from. Both types of wooden floors are great options for any kitchen as they both offer easy cleaning and stylish colour and texture to any kitchen. Laminate floors have become one of the prefered options as compared to hardwood floors in a kitchen, because they are lighter and come in a variety of shades, they are substantially cheaper than maintaining hardwood floors and they are far more modern than a classic and traditional hardwood flooring that previous designers have usually gone for first. 

The next flooring option are tiles. They can be used for flooring because they are also easy to clean, they are durable against almost tons of force, extreme heat as well as freezing cold. They are self regulating flooring materials and therefore underfloor heating can be placed in combination with them in the kitchen. They are easy to clean because they do not retain many stains and can last up to 30 years if well maintained.