Tropical house design ideas & pictures l homify Tropical house design ideas & pictures

Tropical house design ideas & pictures

  1. Lordwingate Estate:  Terrace house by Peridot Architects, Tropical
  2. Lordwingate Estate:  Terrace house by Peridot Architects, Tropical
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  4. House P:  Houses by ANTONIO DE FRANCA HOME DESIGNS, Tropical
  5. House P:  Houses by ANTONIO DE FRANCA HOME DESIGNS, Tropical
  6. House P:  Houses by ANTONIO DE FRANCA HOME DESIGNS, Tropical
  7. House P:  Houses by ANTONIO DE FRANCA HOME DESIGNS, Tropical
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  9. House P:  Houses by ANTONIO DE FRANCA HOME DESIGNS, Tropical
  10. House P:  Houses by ANTONIO DE FRANCA HOME DESIGNS, Tropical
  11. House P:  Houses by ANTONIO DE FRANCA HOME DESIGNS, Tropical
  12. House P:  Houses by ANTONIO DE FRANCA HOME DESIGNS, Tropical
  13.  Houses by homify, Tropical Wood Wood effect
  14. 3D Architectural Visualization Rise hotel Germany 3D  :  Houses by CGstandard, Tropical
  15.  Houses by homify, Tropical
  16.  Houses by homify, Tropical
  17.  Houses by homify, Tropical
  18.  Houses by homify, Tropical
  19.  Houses by homify, Tropical
  20.  Houses by Arquitetando ideias, Tropical
  21.  Houses by Pixel Works, Tropical
  22.  Houses by, Tropical
  23.  Houses by homify, Tropical Bricks
  24.  Houses by Natali de Mello - Arquitetura e Arte, Tropical
  25.  Houses by Arcencielstudio, Tropical
  26.  Houses by Atelier O'Reilly, Tropical
  27.  Log cabin by Frattale, Tropical
  28.  Houses by Derat Mimarlık - Tasarım / Archıtects & Interıor, Tropical
  29.  Houses by Maria Claudia Faro, Tropical
  30.  Houses by homify, Tropical
  31.  Single family home by Griya Cipta Studio, Tropical Stone
  32.  Houses by homify, Tropical Bricks
  33.  Multi-Family house by SEQUOIA. Projects & Designs, Tropical Concrete

What does a tropical house typically look like?

A tropical house can have many different inspirations from a Spanish villa, to a log cabin approach. Yet they are all collectively classified as belonging to a tropical design style. The architectural design of the house is seemingly large and features many pillars and grand windows. Something that is also very common in a tropical house, are the many patios, decks and corridors that are built into the house. Something to take note of in a tropical house are the commonly used materials found in it. Layered stone walls that have been stacked in a rough and unorganised manner is one material to make use of, as well as wood and concrete to name a few. These materials are common because of their appealing colours, and their versatility of design. Wood especially, can be used in the doors, the roof, the garden or the kitchen. 

How should the floors be done in a tropical house?

Wood is great first option to style style the floors in a tropical house. There are many different kinds of wooden flooring techniques, the most versatile one to mention is the laminate flooring style. This is one of the most versatile options in terms of wooden flooring because it has many options of textures, colours and sizes. These types of wooden planks have a distinct light weight and smooth density to it, and therefore can be used for many kinds of rooms in the house. 

Another style of flooring that interior designs and architects can consider is tiling. There are also many styles, colours and sizes available for tiles. Besides those details, there are handfuls of textures and materials that tiles can be created out of. The best suited kind of tiling for a tropical style house is not specific for the entire house, but has more of an overall design theme for the home. Rustic tiling is the best style to accommodate the tropical design throughout the houses kitchen, bathrooms, or patios

The final kind of flooring that is appropriate for a tropical style house is marble. Marble comes in a variety of colours and with or without patterns. These floors are great way to combine a tropical, villa style of design alongside a modern, classic style of design. The versatility in terms of the colours and patterns, give interior designers the choice of what would be best in the particular room the marble floors would be used, such as a bathroom, or a kitchen or even a dining room area. 

What colours best suit a tropical house?

A variety of colours may be used in this villa style tropical home. First applying a base colour to the majority of the walls and ceilings is needed, which is usually white. White is great base colour as it is clean, and a colour that will never go out of style in any home. White also compliments any additional colour that will be added later. The colour that follows must be used in the medium size objects such as the lounge suit, the bed, the patio furniture or the dining room table and chairs. 

Why do we do this? To start layering the colours and bring focus to the type of design style that will be apparent throughout the whole house. A great colour to use in this sense is beige or a camel skin brown. This colour will round off the accommodating colours in the rest of the house. This colour is great indoors and outdoors, in a bathroom, a bedroom or even an in-home spa.

Finally, after these base colours are added, the house will need a few bursts of colours to add personality and that desired tropical look. There are many ways to achieve a tropical disposition in a house, and the first colour to achieve this would be green. Now this colour can be placed inside the home by adding plants and green accent tables or accessories. Another fantastic colour to use is orange. Like with most colours, you can add them to your home by adding flowers, or pot plants. A fun way to add orange to a tropical house is in small accessories like cushions or table cloths. 

How can I decorate a tropical house?

Gorgeous wicker chandeliers that hang from the high ceilings of a modern tropical house is the perfect way to start decorating the interior as well as the exterior. These are a great addition to the tropical style of design as they can be any colour, and any size or shape.  The second way to decorate the interior of a tropical house particularly, is by adding obscurely shaped furniture. This uneven, almost rustic style enhances the tropical relaxed theme. One way to do this is by adding six different shaped, sized and coloured chairs to a dining room table to add variety.