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Scandinavian house design ideas & pictures

What are the characteristics of a Scandinavian house? 

A Scandinavian house is the definition of modern and sometimes even minimalistic. It begins with the architecture in terms of the way the house is positioned or is it on a hill? Large rooms with the possibility to be great as well as accurate symmetry in the way light enters the space. Once the architecture has been completed to suit the style, the interior is taken head on, beginning with the walls. 

What shall the colour be? What era and style of artwork shall be placed on the walls? What kind of lighting scheme shall we place? All these questions are the perfect way to start designing, planning and decorating a Scandinavian style home. A Scandinavian house has commonly been designed to suit its surroundings and incorporate nature into such a modern style home. 

Therefore the styles of nature that one could place inside the home are endless with possibility. You could place a large tree or fern in the corner of the room, simple arrangements of flowers for a living room centre piece, and even a bowl of floating flowers in the kitchen to create a pleasant scent.

What materials can be found in a Scandinavian house?

Some of the most common materials used in a Scandinavian house have been listed here to tell you how and where to use these materials. Wood is a popular as well as versatile material, that can be used in any room in the house. Wood can be used as a countertop, a stylish floor or even in a beautiful piece of furniture. 

Wood is popular for home designers, as it comes in a variety of colours, textures, shapes and sizes. Stainless steel is easy to clean, and an elegant material can be used in various appliances around the house, especially in the kitchen. Another use for stainless steel could be in the railings on balconies, and even in the doors around the house. 

This material is durable against any weather condition and can withstand a lot of force. Concrete was not as popular in the past, concrete has become the interior designers first choice of the industrial materials. It has become so popular because of its durability and easiness to clean. Not to mention it’s ‘easy on the pocket’ price. 

How can I add the Scandinavian style to my home?

If the descriptions mentioned, have inspired you to try out a few for yourself, here are some ways that you can incorporate a touch of Scandinavian style into your home. The first thing you could do is add modern furniture to your most used social spaces, like in your living room, or in your entertainment room. 

Modern furniture is simply characterised by its shape, the materials used in its making and sometimes even in its size. The materials used are typically glass, various metals, wood, organic supplies, concrete and almost anything that can be recycled. The second thing you could add to your home, is to consider a fresh coat of paint in a typical Scandinavian shade such as white, light grey or ocean blue. To best complement the Scandinavian scheme, these natural colours are imperative to use, as not to stray from the basis of modern or minimalistic style era. 

Finally, you could go back to using basic fabrics in your everyday items, such as scatter pillows and tablecloths or even in the bedroom with linen. This encourages a more organic, cleaner, more efficient lifestyle that this designing style is all about. 

How should a Scandinavian house be decorated?

A Scandinavian house is typically decorated in the most minimalistic manner. Simple picture frames that blend in with the table tops they’re on, or decorative bowls that are filled with shells or pebbles. Here are a list of some typical decorative elements. Accessories that could be used are simple ornaments that are not too overbearing in comparison to the rest of the room that will be basic in colour and style. Basic, single-toned sculptures of an animal or of famous faces, obscure shapes and wildlife are most common. 

Carpeting techniques suggested are usually clean and functional colours, such as beige brown and sometimes even an off-white are best to use in a Scandinavian home. Lighting schemes that are encouraged are natural lighting that streams into the home, are common for Scandinavian modern homes. The lighting may also be specific to the room it is in, for instance the bathroom would need more light so would the kitchen, although the entertainment room or the dining room may need softer lighting that would create  a certain kind of ambiance. 

Artwork can be specific to an individual’s type of home, although it is ideal for the artwork to be plain, statement pieces of such as black and white portraits and the larger the frame, the better. In most cases, such modern homes have artwork such as one of a kind photography that depicts landscape scenery in a foreign land, or of a famous city skyline.