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Country house design ideas & pictures

What is a typical country style house?

A country style house is all about family and luxury. These homes take advantage of spacious landscapes and are usually located in remote or gated estates that provide large land plots. A country style house has elements of nature within it, surrounding it and even in its architecture design. Natural or organic pieces can be found in the furniture, the decoration as well as the carpets, that is one of the most common country style pieces, an animal skin rug. The nature surrounding it will be found in the garden that is always full to the brim with thickened greenery. 

Country homes combined the modern new world and the traditional old world, where families were large and each piece of furniture or decoration had a history, and a uniqueness. Hence, the wooden antiques, the extravagant fabrics and materials used in the bedding, the couches, the curtains and the blankets. Most materials used in these style homes are found in nature, and can be traced back to their roots. So a lot of skins like leather, organic materials such as cotton, linen and wicker. 

Another noticeable characteristic of the country house is within its architecture. The architecture is the perfect combination between traditional style and modern style homes. Country houses are fast becoming more popular because of the sense of comfortability and the general design of the home is now fashionable in modern times. This style of home was also made more desired because of the influence that celebrities and the elite have placed on the public. This is what gives the country style more appeal. 

How do I decorate my country style house?

A typical country house always has extravagant wooden pieces that are usually antique and one of a kind. These can be found in dining room tables, wooden chairs and stools, and hardwood floors. In comparison to laminate wooden floors that have a glossy finish, and are light in weight and easy to replace and repair, hardwood or natural wooden floors are the material of choice in a country style house. 

Decorating a country style house is more complex than just the floors. The entire theme seen throughout the country home, is rustic and traditional in its essence. Warm materials and ornaments are found above the classic fireplace that invite guests. A country style home has been known to have similar pieces that you might find in a stable, a barn or in a traditional farmhouse. A clever farmhouse piece to add to a country home are barn or stable doors that have been restored for a recycled used just like this one. 

Another farmhouse tactic to make use of would be to decorate your country home with lanterns or even lampposts. Bringing outdoor lighting schemes such as hanging lanterns ot old fashioned lampposts, into the home, is an easy way to add a contemporary modern look to a normal country house. These lanterns can be used in a rustic kitchen, where they can hang from the ceilings, where it could give the effect of an authentic candle lit lantern. 

What are some of the colours that are used in a country house?

There are many ways and choices of decorating a country style home. To start the list off, we can consider decorating the living room. This is where most home owners gather their families and socialize, or are entertained. So there should be enough space in the living room to accommodate a number of people, and therefore not have too many ornaments or full walls within the room. 

Therefore, in order to maintain a balance soft and easy on the eyes interior colours. Colours that create this ambiance are not too bold and distracting, they are more neutral and enhance a warm inviting atmosphere to the space. Warm brown, crisp white, soothing beige and light pastel greens, are some of the most common colours used in a country style house. When all these colours are used simultaneously, they achieve an interior of class, elegance, and soothing effects. 

So now that we’ve identified some colours to use in not only the living room, but in the bedrooms, the hallways, and the bathrooms. The brown must be used in combination with the crisp white colour as they will showcase one another perfectly. As is the same with the beige colour and the pastel colours. Interior designers have often used softer pastel colours in combination with blander more base colours like beige or brown, or natural wood brown. 

How can I add South African elements to a country house?

Trying to stay specific to the South African context, there are classic ornaments that one could add  to their country style house to give it a Rainbow Nation feel. A typical ornamental piece to consider for your living room are wooden figurines of traditional indigenous South African peoples. These are sought after wooden pieces that all tourists around the world must have in their suitcase before they head back home. 

The second decorative element that you could use in a country style house, are beaded metal animals, that are hand made by the locals in South Africa. These can be hung on the walls, or placed on the ground to give a lifelike effect depending on the type of animal, in almost every room in the house. These can be handmade to your specific requirements such as size, shape, colour and species of animal.