Girls bedroom design ideas, inspiration & pictures

How to design a girl’s bedroom

Designing and decorating a girl’s bedroom can be a lot of fun, especially when they’re just big enough to leave the nursery  / baby’s room phase. And just like boys’ bedrooms, there are really no hard rules set in stone, except that it’s important to reflect her personality and style.

The easiest way to kick-start your design process is by choosing the right colour scheme for her room – and seeing as this is the 21st century, don’t believe that your only options are pink and purple. Aquamarine, lime green, sapphire blue... the list goes on and yes, blue is not just intended for boys anymore! The trick to remember is to use pops of bold colour (ever mixed pear green with magenta? It’s amazing!) and surround it with personality (i.e. décor and furnishings).

In terms of a theme, don’t stuff your daughter’s room with princesses (or mermaids or unicorns) just because she’s a girl. She might be interested in sports or horses, or even spaceships. Let her interests and hobbies guide you here. And seeing as little kids’ interests seem to change quite quickly, it’s best not to spend thousands of rands on theme-based décor when they’re still very young. Focus only on a few wall art pieces (framed posters, photo collages, wall decals), perhaps a nightlight reflecting the desired theme, and the bedroom linen – easy peasy!

But one element you can’t skip is functionality, which needs to be mirrored throughout the entire room: ample storage space (drawers, closets, cubby holes, floating shelves), a desk for doing homework, sufficient legroom for playing, etc.. 

Furniture and storage tips for a girl’s bedroom

As mentioned, sufficient storage areas are a must, for boys’ and girls’ bedrooms. But if you’re really clever, you will find ways to combine their room’s décor/furnishings with storage spaces.

Under-bed spaces are great for boxes/baskets in bright colours and striking patterns, allowing you to store numerous items from toys to seasonal clothing. Floating shelves are available in numerous designs and styles (how much cuter is a hexagon or heart-shaped shelf than a plain straight one?). And don’t underestimate the power of bunk beds with built-in storage spaces – some even go so far as to include just one (top) bed and lay out a neat desk area in the bottom half.

Decorating and lighting for a girl’s bedroom

As with any bedroom lighting, don’t forget the importance of layers. Will your little girl be doing homework in her room? Working on a computer? Reading, drawing or painting? Use recessed lighting around the perimeter of the room and hang a pendant or small chandelier above the bed. Wall sconces or hanging lights on each side of the bed are ideal for reading, plus frees up space for books, electronics and other thingies on her bedside table. Desks, computer tables and art areas need task lighting in the form of desk- or floor lamps, or even just a wall-placed wall sconce. And for a cosy reading nook? A pretty bean-bag chair paired with a floor lamp – done!

Of course draping some fairy lights over a bookcase or against the wall can give that extra glittering ambiance.

And don’t overlook the importance of natural lighting. 

Girls’ bedroom ideas for small spaces

A well-designed child’s room will have dedicated zones for studying, sleeping and playing, yet it’s quite difficult to achieve this when you’re limited on space.

·         Maximise the space by pushing the bed against the wall with the head of the bed in a corner, freeing up more floor space.

·         Remember the importance of storage (especially under the bed).

·         Soft lighting coming from several different directions will blur the edges of the room and make it feel larger.

·         Be smart with the colour palette: mix strong colours with lighter shades such as white, cream or soft grey.

·         A horizontal-striped wall will widen the room while vertical ones will make it appear taller.  

Remember that it’s never too early to start thinking about double-duty furniture, like beds transforming into sofas, or ottomans (that can function as both chair and table) with built-in storage compartments.

Be clever with your daughter’s bedroom furniture to avoid having to redo her room every few years. Instead of buying a castle-shaped bed now that’ll have to change into a regular bed later on, rather let smaller décor pieces reflect her fairytale theme (or splash it across the walls via paint and wall decals). There’s no reason why everyday items like dressers, benches and bookcases can’t grow with your child – a fresh coat of paint every few years is all it takes to keep them looking new.   

How homify can help

Due to our wide variety of bedroom designs (whether it’s for little girls or boys, nurseries for babies, or super stylish designs for mature adults), you are in for a treat in terms of acquiring inspiration. And don’t forget to have a look at our professionals page where we put you in contact with various pros (like interior designers, architects, gardeners, painters and many more) who can help you get the dream space (either for yourself or your little girl, or both!) you’ve always wanted.