Mediterranean garden design ideas & pictures

What makes a Mediterranean garden unique?

This garden is typically well-manicured and a pristine example of an old fashioned Italian garden. Professional landscapers have found interesting ways to add a modern twist to these usually traditional style gardens. These gardens have a classic and calming effect running through it. It is somewhat a soothing experience to simply walk through the gardens and smell the fragrant herbs and plants growing in concentric circles or oversized pot plants. 

Mediterranean gardens typically have a large variety of plants and floral arrangements. Something that is also very common in this style of garden is a clear pathway. These pathways are usually solidified with small pebbles or stepping stones. The pathways end with wooden benches or metal French inspired tables and chairs that have intrinsic twisted designs. 

How can I decorate a Mediterranean garden?

One fantastic way to decorate a Mediterranean style garden, is an undercover seating area or commonly known as a lapa area. These areas are a great way to invite guests to sit in the garden and can also be designed with functions features like a barbeque area, a bar area that includes a fridge and shelving space as well as fitted couches for the seating area. This is a fun interactive way to make use of your garden. 

Another great way to decorate this type of garden is by adding a variety of oversized pots. These pots can be placed in many different kinds of arrangements like in two straight lines if you are seeking more order in your garden. They may also be placed unevenly and randomly within the bushes of flowers and plants. This creates a the illusion that the plants are growing wildly and at different levels and heights, throughout the garden.

Thirdly, and probably the most popular way to decorate any garden is with a unique water fountain. The size and shape will depend on the size and shape of the garden it is being placed in. Water fountains come in a variety of textures in terms of what material they are made out of. The most common material used would be concrete or stone. But there are great alternatives to concrete or stone, such as metal or wood. 

What furniture can I use in a Mediterranean garden?

The patio furniture that is typically found in a Mediterranean style garden is often specific to the theme that you wish to follow, yet the materials used for the furniture is not. The first kind of furniture that you can expect is a modern picnic furniture set, such as a fitted set of benches and a large table. This is fast becoming the popular choice for modern gardens as they provide seating for a large group of people as well as being easy to clean and compatible with a range of garden themes. 

The next type of furniture that could be placed in a Mediterranean style garden is a the cast iron style furniture. This garden furniture takes its inspiration from the French style furniture that is rustic at its core. These French inspired outdoor furniture sets are a great way to break through a totally modern garden and add some traditional elements to the garden. They are great because they can have different colours and patterns according to the main colours of the house and even the colours found in the garden. 

Lastly, a Mediterranean style garden could have sleek modern furniture that usually comes in the shape of a square or rectangle. These are typically built into the setting of the garden and are made of concrete. Once the concrete structure is created, landscape architects and designers add cushions and pillows to the structure to make sure that they are comfortable enough to sit on. These cushions and pillows can be changed often to add variety to the kind of colours, patterns and textures of fabrics available. 

What features should I add to my Mediterranean garden?

One fantastic feature to add to your Mediterranean style garden are a variety of stylish hanging lanterns. Because these lanterns are hung outside, there is an option for the designer to consider. Should we use actual light bulbs with electricity? Or should we use candles? Most landscape architects will opt for the stunning natural lighting that radiates from a candle, as it gives a soft glow to its surroundings. These hanging lanterns can be almost any colour you desire, such as black, white, natural cast iron or even brightly coloured like yellow or pink. 

The lighting scheme in a garden is a modern way to make the garden a showstopping element within any home. The style of lighting outdoors can be done so creatively, giving the designer or landscape architect free reign over where the lights can be placed, how they should be placed as well as how bright or how dim the lights should shine. For example, dim lights could be placed underneath medium height trees to give it a statue like appeal.