Corridor and hallway design ideas, inspiration & pictures

What can be achieved with corridor/hallway space?

A corridor or hallway is more than a ‘pass-through’ zone between, for example, the living room and kitchen; it’s also an important part of your interiors like all the other rooms, meaning it deserves just as much attention style-wise.

In South African homes, and abroad, a hallway presents great opportunity for hanging up artwork and/or floating shelves, putting in a credenza to help with décor and storage, and adding artificial lighting fixtures. If there’s adequate legroom, you could even opt for an indoor garden.

And don’t forget that, just like any other room in the house, the hallway/corridor should also reflect a certain style or design (such as modern, rustic, Scandinavian, etc.), which is achieved by a selection of colours, materials, décor, etc.

Fortunately, we are chock-a-block with ideas here on homify, which means you can gather heaps of inspiration by either checking out our images (and reading our online articles), or by contacting one of the many professionals working in South Africa (such as gardeners, landscape architects, interior designers and decorators, and many more).

Where can I find interior design ideas for hallways?

Although decorating a hallway can be easy (and fun), it requires adequate thought and planning, just like any other space in the house. Finding the perfect balance between aesthetics and functionality is vital.

Remember that hallways are generally narrow, which means it’s easy to overcrowd them with furnishings and décor – and appropriate legroom for moving about is crucial, otherwise what’s the point of having a hallway?

If your hallway is right at the entrance of your home, start your decorating process by thinking about that space logically: what is the first thing you usually do when coming home?

Hallways usually flow into foyers and entryways, which means they can also be the spaces where we store our keys, hang up our coats and umbrellas, take off our dirty shoes, etc. To make these activities practical (and ensure they don’t add to clutter), elements like wall hooks, keychain holders, shoe baskets, and benches with built-in storage areas can be some of the best ones you can add in. Just keep the style and design of the rest of your home in mind.

Is your hallway by a staircase? Consider a beautiful carpet runner. Something subtle and elegant in earthy/neutral hues can be quite graceful, but, again, this depends on the look and feel of your interiors.

Always keep a hallway’s decorations simple, as a rug, potted plant and a painting can (sometimes) be all that’s needed. Luckily, lighting fixtures don’t have to take up lots of space, especially wall sconces and ceiling pendants, which don’t use any floor space at all.

How can I make the most out of hallway storage space?

As you need to be clever with what little space your hallway presents, it’s crucial to invest in good storage options. Fortunately, cupboards, credenzas, benches and shelves come in a myriad of different designs (and sizes), so you’re bound the find the ideal one for your hallway’s style and dimensions.

And should your hallway already have a built-in closet, then consider yourself extremely lucky. Use this to keep those clutter elements (everything from kids’ toys to seasonal clothing) out of sight. And if possible, add in an additional wall hook, umbrella stand or floating shelf to increase storage and ensure a clean and neat pathway on your way out of (and back into) the house every day.

How can I make my entrance hallway feel more welcoming?

A corridor or hallway that immediately impresses can greatly enhance the rest of your home’s ambience.

If you have enough floor space, opt for a bench, chair or even a slim little sofa to make the area seem more inviting. Hanging up a mirror not only makes a room seem more visually spacious, but can add some dazzle by helping to reflect light and cast it around the room. And don’t underestimate the style power of flowers, plants or even scented candles.

Soft neutral hues (like whites, creams, light greys, etc.) are usually the go-to colour choices for hallways; however, since a hallway usually takes up very little space in a home, you can be a bit more daring here with bold and bright colours if you feel like experimenting with striking hues on the walls or brightly coloured paintings, for example.

Lastly, lighting – natural lighting doesn’t usually reach a hallway (unless you’re lucky enough to have a window in yours that ushers in some of our South African sun), which means artificial lighting fixtures are a must. The general rule here is that if you have low ceilings, go with wall sconces, ceiling pendants or a floor/table lamp; high ceilings are best reserved for eye-catching chandeliers that won’t impact traffic or clutter up the space.