Boys Bedroom: design ideas, inspiration & pictures

  1.  Boys Bedroom by Home Lifting
  2.  Boys Bedroom by Ar. Milind Pai
  3. Need help with your home project?
    Need help with your home project?
  4.  Boys Bedroom by RG Home Stylist
  5.  Boys Bedroom by ABHP ARQUITETURA
  6.  Boys Bedroom by TGV Interiores
  7.  Boys Bedroom by YS PROJECT DESIGN
  8. Need help with your home project?
    Need help with your home project?
  9.  Boys Bedroom by MyStudiohome
  10.  Boys Bedroom by Sofás Camas Cruces
  11.  Boys Bedroom by LK Studio Arquitetura
  12.  Boys Bedroom by ARCE S.A.S
  13.  Boys Bedroom by 大漢創研室內裝修設計有限公司
  14.  Boys Bedroom by Santiago | Interior Design Studio
  15.  Boys Bedroom by Архитектурная студия Чадо
  16.  Boys Bedroom by Студия интерьера 'Золотая Середина
  17.  Boys Bedroom by Art-i-Chok
  18.  Boys Bedroom by Pereira Reade Interiores
  19.  Boys Bedroom by Pereira Reade Interiores
  20.  Boys Bedroom by Tobi Architects
  21.  Boys Bedroom by Гузалия Шамсутдинова | KUB STUDIO
  22.  Boys Bedroom by novum dekor
  23.  Boys Bedroom by 李正宇創意美學室內裝修設計有限公司
  24.  Boys Bedroom by FILYANOV_INTERIOR
  25.  Boys Bedroom by AP interiors
  26.  Boys Bedroom by FILYANOV_INTERIOR
  27.  Boys Bedroom by Maria Claudia Faro
  28.  Boys Bedroom by MOBİLYADA MODA
  29.  Boys Bedroom by Totius Studio
  30.  Boys Bedroom by Sofás Camas Cruces
  31.  Boys Bedroom by Home Lifting
  32.  Boys Bedroom by dom arquitectura
  33.  Boys Bedroom by Студия интерьера 'Золотая Середина

How to design a boy’s bedroom

Boys will be boys, regardless of how old they are. But that doesn’t mean you’ll get away with sticking to the same bedroom design all the way from infant to teenager. In little boys’ little worlds, things are constantly changing, which means while Superman might be a big hit today, don’t be surprised if he’s eclipsed by Spiderman (or dinosaurs, or racing cars… ) next week!

What you can count on, however, is a dominant colour palette to help you kick-start your little boy’s bedroom scheme, and the most popular ones throughout the ages have constantly been blue, green and red. Yet if blue is not for your little one, there’s no reason why he shouldn’t enjoy a zingy yellow or a fresh orange splashed across his bedroom walls, for example.

Next up: patterns and motifs to add some style and character. Remember not to go overboard—stripes are good for adding interest and won’t be outgrown as quickly as more childlike motifs, which makes them a good bet for slightly older boys.

Then it’s on to a theme, which is where your little guy’s interests need to be taken into consideration (after all, a boy who’s interested in sports might not want a pirates-themed bedroom). Remember that you don’t need to go overboard with each and every little item in the room mimicking a spaceship (or jungle, or whatever the theme of choice is) – if it shows up on the walls (either splashed on via paint or in a few wall pieces), the bed (either a scatter cushion or the linen), perhaps the rug and a handful of toys/hobby-related pieces, it’s good enough.

But a crucial element that needs to be remembered is functionality, and this needs to flow through the entire room’s design. Think of items like a desk for homework, bunker beds for sleepovers, a trunk for that never-ending list of interests, storage areas, adequate space for playing, etc.

Furniture and storage tips for a boy’s bedroom

No matter what interests or hobbies your little boy has, chances are good that it’ll change next year (if that long). However, one thing you can be certain of is that you or your child will never stop requiring storage space – it is a necessary and highly functional addition to any child’s bedroom, yet if it is done correctly (i.e. stylishly), it can also be something that children can enjoy.

For example, fitting your boy’s bedroom with a bunk bed or bunk bed/homework zone combination not only saves on space, but might encourage him to actually make use of that studying area underneath this top-bunk bed (not to mention make you the coolest parent in the world in his eyes). And thanks to a variety of design options (from stickers and wallpapers to chalkboard paint and trunks shaped like treasure chests), any simple old drawer or cupboard can become a striking storage area that not only tickles your child’s interests, but enhances the overall style of their bedroom. 

But don’t overlook other tried-and-tested items like a bed with built-in shelving, bedside tables with cubby holes and drawers, floating shelving, wall hooks, etc..

Remember to include colour in all storage areas and even the trash bin to make them more prominent.

And you don’t need to spend thousands of rands every few years to make his room grow with him. If picked cleverly, furniture can stand the test of time, and even though a ship-shaped, toddler bed will be exchanged for a bunk bed or twin bed in the future, there’s no reason why the dresser and bookshelves can’t easily grow with your boy (even with undergoing a few painting sessions throughout the years).

Decorating and lighting for a boy’s bedroom

You don’t need to go the done-to-death route of action figures and car-shaped beds to ensure your boy enjoys a room that is packed with both playfulness and personality.

If he’s into sports, you can modernise the age-old rugby/cricket/tennis/whatever theme with cool posters, a wall mural/wallpaper, a scatter cushion in the shape of a ball, etc. And if a clean and neutral look is more his style, then muted pastel tones, painted floorboards and elegant floating shelves are the way to go. Wooden floors are great for practicality, and remember to throw in a rug to enhance the cosiness factor.

Don’t overlook the importance of lighting, and keep in mind that every child’s room needs both ambient (a pleasing overall glow with overhead fixtures like ceiling-mounted and recessed lighting) and task lighting (which illuminates specific activities like homework and reading, which is where sconces and table lamps come in).

How homify can help

Due to our wide variety of bedroom designs (whether it’s for little boys or girls, nurseries for babies, or super stylish designs for mature adults), you are in for a treat in terms of acquiring inspiration. And don’t forget to have a look at our professionals page where we put you in contact with various pros (from interior designers and painters to carpenters and landscape designers, to name but a few) who can help you get the dream space (either for yourself or your little boy, or both!) you’ve always wanted.