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Bedroom design ideas, inspiration & pictures

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Bedroom ideas and bedroom designs

The bedroom is that part of the house where we go to recharge and rest after a long hard day. There is nothing better than lying down on fresh bedding and crisp sheets, and it is worthwhile having a conducive interior style in the bedroom.

The interiors could in fact affect our sleep. To discover bedroom decorating ideas that will inspire you, enjoy navigating your way through designs around the homify website. It can often be the forgotten room in your home because no one else sees it — but it should be the exact opposite, because it's the one space where you get to relax and recharge.

Of all the areas in the home, the bedroom is usually the room that gets the least amount of attention. After all, guests rarely set foot there and most of your own time there is spent sleeping. When the room is clean, organized, and full of things you love, you’re more likely to enjoy the time you spend there.

It's important that your bedroom is beautiful. Moreover, it should be comfortable and relaxing enough for a restful night’s sleep, night after night. If you’re ready to overhaul your bedroom, consider repainting, finding great pieces of art, beautiful accessories and furniture. Find some more of homify’s design tips at the end of the page for both large and small bedroom ideas.

What are some bedroom colour ideas?

A bedroom is a place to rest and surround yourself with serenity. Have you ever wondered what the perfect bedroom colour is? The popular grey wall will stand the test of time. It could be modernised by adding a touch of muted lavender. It’s pleasing to both men and women because this colour palette falls in the middle of the appeal for both sexes.

Black always adds a nice masculinity and grounding to the room, which is achievable through strong lines or stripes, rugs, textures or mirror frames. The use of chunky knits, Damask prints and patterned cushions adds a cosy feel to any room.

A simple and functional style with a monochrome and neutral colour palette is very popular for bedrooms. Creating a minimalist atmosphere free of clutter is very relaxing, combined with some black pillowcases to add contrast if you have a white wall. You could bring some warmth into any monochrome interior by adding natural materials (like wood) and also green plants. Blue is a very calming colour to use in the bedroom and can aid peaceful sleep.

The bold use of indigo is classy and sophisticated and creates a sleep-inducing atmosphere. A soft colour palette with a simple design gives a bedroom a relaxing feel, while furniture or accessories like blue floral ceramic stools and pillows could add another dimension to the room. Sheer curtains let in lots of light, keeping the room bright.

Soothing colours, clean lines and uncluttered surfaces in combination with warm materials, rich textures are key elements of successful bedroom design. Additional lighting makes for a cosy retreat to relax and unwind after a hectic day.

What flooring can I pair with my bedroom ideas?

Carpets or wooden flooring: Most people can’t choose whether to go with carpets or wooden flooring when redesigning their bedrooms. Get inspired by navigating your way through the homify website and choose based on which floor works best with all your chosen There . Your choice will depend your unique design style and needs. Carpeting in a bedroom is warm and cozy and is great for sound absorption. It's also easier from a furniture planning perspective.

If you’re considering wooden floors in the bedroom, Eucalyptus is a lovely hardwood. Dark eucalyptus flooring creates a stark contrast against white furnishings, creating an elegant ambiance.

Concrete flooring: If you favour more distinctive bedroom designs with more edge, and aren’t one for carpets or wooden flooring then you could look into concrete flooring.

The smooth surface of concrete flooring enhances any design style and emits a polished look. It is dust-resistant which makes it great for people with allergies. Pair it with exposed piping to gives the space a more industrial look and feel.

Tile flooring: Luckily with the warm South African climate, choosing tiles for your bedroom floor will keep you cool. Tile styles are endless, very quick and easy to install and change. It is definitely the lowes maintenance option too.

Stained Masonite tile flooring resembles old leather as it wears, which accommodates a busy area. Travertine tile flooring’s appeal and durability make it a versatile flooring option for bedrooms.

What are some great small bedroom ideas?

Arranging and decorating a small bedroom can be challenging, but by using a calm colour palette, great lighting and smart storage solutions, you can still realize your vision, even if it is a mini-me of your dream design.

Discover inspiration on the homify website for decorating a small bedroom.

Once you’ve decided on the perfect look, be sure to save ideabooks to refer back to all of your small bedroom ideas you’ve saved. Suggestions to bear in mind:

Light colours enhance the feeling of a bigger space, while dark ones tend to make spaces look smaller.

In a small room, getting creative with bedroom designs and storage solutions is key thus architectural details can become furniture. A mantelpiece, for instance, can provide structure for a fabric-covered foam headboard, which looks great in any small bedroom. Install a floating shelf to increase bedside square footage. Instead of painting an accent wall, cover it with arty or playfully printed wallpaper—a nice technique for a small space.

Visually expand the room by using mirrors. Using mirrors will add depth and dimension to a small bedroom because of their unique ability to act like additional windows. Using one large mirror will instantly create the illusion of more square footage.

This may seem obvious, but ditch the king-size bed and use space-saving furniture. If storage space is an issue, under-bed storage containers can free up a lot of space. A lofted bed creates additional storage space underneath. Bold, antique wooden frames draw the eye away from items packed away below.

What are some great colours for bedroom walls?

There are several ways to choose best bedroom colours. Your bedroom is the most personal space in your home, so let the colours you love be your guide. If you love green, it’s a great option for bedrooms because there are so many shades of it and it has elements of both cool and warm. With green, you can furnish your room in whichever style you prefer whether that’s traditional or eclectic style.

For those who avoid dark colours in their bedroom designs, there are lighter shades and plenty of lighter tones for a much softer look. Plus using neutral shades leaves room for pops of colour in your accessories. Our tastes sometimes change as we get inspired so a neutral palette also works well because you can change out your accessories often to suit the season, or just whenever you feel like changing an element of your bedroom style or design.

Soothing blues are very natural looking for bedroom walls. Deeper shades of blue in a traditionally designed room create an elegant backdrop for artwork, antiques and classic furnishings.

Consider what mood you want to set in your bedroom. Most homeowners want this space to be a peaceful hideaway, with calm, comforting colours. But that doesn't mean that bright or dark colours have to be avoided.

Make the most of your bedroom with the stylish, resourceful decorating and design ideas on the homify website where there are plenty of colours to inspire.

More tips for new bedroom designs:

How do I manage clutter? Consider a storage-equipped bed which lifts up, or use under-bed storage bins. Focus on organizing your space more and make sure your bed-side tables have adequate draws so that their tops stay clear.

Are plants a good idea for the bedroom? Some well-placed greenery can not only brighten a space but also purify the air — and they’re also helpful in creating a more relaxing, restful ambiance in any room. Rubber trees are good for cleaning the air and are one of the easiest plants to grow. Its is low-maintenance and is a powerful toxin eliminator and air purifier.

What photos should I put up in the bedroom? Many people like hanging pictures of their family in the bedroom, however your bedroom is meant to be a private space for you/your spouse or partner. Consider hanging pictures or paintings which effect you positively on a subconscious level.

Where can I find great bedroom accessories? Scour flea markets for unique accessories. These are great places to pick up lamps, candles and unique knick-knacks that add individual personality.

What can I use for a unique side table? Large thick books or vintage, hard case suitcases make attractive side tables when you stack them on top of each other.

Can I do something unusual in my bedroom? There are thousands of unique bedroom ideas on the homify website if you’re after something different. You can make a unique statement by hanging clothes on your wall instead of in your closet. Buy some pipe and bolt it to the wall; you’ll have a super cool industrial clothes rack to display your more interesting pieces.

Should I have a TV in the bedroom? Feng Shui experts claim that having a TV is not helpful for a good night’s rest because you’re tempted to stay up later as the light impacts our ability to switch off and fall asleep. If you want your bedroom to be truly relaxing, consider having a TV only in your living room and not the bedrooms.