Tropical bathroom design ideas & pictures l homify Tropical bathroom design ideas & pictures l homify

Tropical bathroom design ideas & pictures l homify

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What features does a tropical bathroom have?

A tropical style bathroom is one of the most desired styles in the world as it creates the ultimate room of relaxation for the homeowner. The first feature that should be mentioned in almost every tropical style bathroom is a gorgeous wooden floor. These are classic to the tropical style bathroom, as they are inexpensive as well as versatile. The wooden floors can come in either natural hardwood or in laminate wood. This also gives the designer an opportunity to personally pick the specific colour and texture they desire. 

A tropical style bathroom must always include a plant of some kind. The tropical design is well known for its involvement with island style plants and their classic large leaves. To keep the island style of design flowing the plants that are in the room should be colourful and have oversized leaves that make a bold statement. 

The third feature that is common would be large windows that let the natural light stream in from all sides of the room. The windows should preferably be plain double thick glass that has height from the ceiling to the floor, this way the bathroom has a grand supply of light as well as a great view from the outside garden into the bathroom, bringing the homeowner closer to nature. 

The final feature that is a classic component of the tropical style bathroom, are the tiles used throughout. The best suited type of tile for a tropical bathroom is slate or mosaic style. These work well with regulating the temperature in the bathroom as well as adding a stylish effect. These types of tiles can be in almost colour desired but the recommended colours are dark brown, grey and even white. 

What materials are used in a tropical bathroom?

The first material that can be used in a tropical style bathroom, is wood. The wood can be most commonly found in the floors. The floors should be laminate if they will be used in the bathroom, as this type of flooring is easy to clean and can have many elements fitted into them that a bathroom might need. Interior designers and decorators can opt for underfloor heating, which is becoming more and more popular inside modern homes. This is a great technological addition to a modern tropical style bathroom. 

The second common material that was also mentioned in the features section above, is tiles. Some more traditional tropical style tiling would usually be ceramic, slate, or even terracotta. Terracotta tiles have always been the most common texture that would be used in a tropical style bathroom and even throughout the entire tropical home, as they regulate the heat well for these tropical areas that the homes would be built. 

Finally, we can discuss the third kind of material used in modern tropical style bathrooms, that is concrete. Concrete is becoming increasingly popular because of its resistance to heat, cold, weight and strain. It is also great to use in a bathroom because of its stylish modern appearance that can be used in the bathroom. This material is commonly used on the floors and halfway up the ceilings to create a basin appearance for this tropical design. Concrete can be coated with a glaze to make it smoother, safer to interact with, easier to clean as well as more appealing for the users of the bathroom. 

How should the colours be arranged in a tropical bathroom?

The first important colour to use in a tropical style bathroom is orange. Designers and decorators opt for this vibrant colour in such a room that should encourage serenity and not excitement, because it provides an ice breaker from the regular colour scheme of a bathroom. It can even be painted on a single wall in the bathroom to add a great statement to the set the tone for the rest of the room. 

Green is the colour that should be used carefully and not in too much excess within the tropical bathroom. This is a smart colour to use in a bathroom as it creates the mood for luxury as well as enhances that spa feeling. Green can be used in the plants that are placed around the bathroom, and may also be used in other accessories in the bathroom such as the towels, maybe the window dressings and perhaps even in the tiles. 

The following colour is turquoise. This colour is common in a tropical bathroom as it reminds the homeowner of the ocean with its subtle blue and green undertones. This colour may be found in the accessories such as the towels, the window dressings but mainly seen in the mosaic or small tile arrangements. These arrangements can be placed inside the shower on the walls and in the bathtub around the walls.