Scandinavian bathroom design ideas & pictures l homify Scandinavian bathroom design ideas & pictures

Scandinavian bathroom design ideas & pictures

  1. House Voet:  Bathroom by Juan Pretorius Architecture PTY LTD, Scandinavian
  2. Barbosa Home:  Bathroom by Cornerstone Projects, Scandinavian
  3. Need help with your bathroom?
  4. Barbosa Home:  Bathroom by Cornerstone Projects, Scandinavian
  5. Custom built home - stunning must see.:  Bathroom by Greenpods, Scandinavian
  7.  Bathroom by homify, Scandinavian
  8. Need help with your bathroom?
  9.  Bathroom by Ale design Grzegorz Grzywacz, Scandinavian
  10.  Bathroom by MIKOŁAJSKAstudio , Scandinavian
  11.  Bathroom by 創喜設計, Scandinavian Tiles
  12.  Bathroom by Nevi Studio, Scandinavian
  13.  Bathroom by JFD - Juri Favilli Design, Scandinavian Tiles
  14.  Bathroom by Homestories, Scandinavian
  15.  Bathroom by Wide Design Group, Scandinavian
  16.  Bathroom by 'INTSTYLE', Scandinavian Tiles
  17.  Bathroom by Homestories, Scandinavian
  18.  Bathroom by OM DESIGN, Scandinavian
  19.  Bathroom by 'INTSTYLE', Scandinavian Tiles
  20.  Bathroom by 'INTSTYLE', Scandinavian Tiles
  21.  Bathroom by 'INTSTYLE', Scandinavian Tiles
  22.  Bathroom by JFD - Juri Favilli Design, Scandinavian Tiles
  23.  Bathroom by Homestories, Scandinavian
  24.  Bathroom by Homestories, Scandinavian
  25.  Bathroom by OM DESIGN, Scandinavian
  26.  Bathroom by studio ferlazzo natoli, Scandinavian
  27.  Bathroom by Homestories, Scandinavian
  28.  Bathroom by Decoropravocê - Decoração ao seu alcance., Scandinavian
  29.  Bathroom by DesignNika, Scandinavian
  30.  Bathroom by 'INTSTYLE', Scandinavian Granite
  31.  Bathroom by 近藤晃弘建築都市設計事務所, Scandinavian Tiles
  32.  Bathroom by Angelourenzzo - Interior Design, Scandinavian
  33.  Bathroom by 青築制作, Scandinavian

What does a Scandinavian style look like?

Cleanliness is the number one priority in this style bathroom, as well as the way in which the storage facilities are designed to create more space but at the same time, look elegant and compatible with the rest of the bathroom. A Scandinavian bathroom is typically futuristic in design in terms of its architecture. 

It will usually contain sleek lines in countertops, washbasin shape and size, the symmetry of the shower door and bathtub shape too. Also very evidently considered in a Scandinavian bathroom design, is the style and placement of the lighting. These bathrooms demand floods of natural light from above and from its windows, not to mention the artificial lighting from the ceiling lights as well as lamps in the room. 

What accessories can I put in my Scandinavian bathroom?

There are many items one could place in a Scandinavian bathroom. One of the most popular items is any form of nature or plant life. This could be in a pot to increase its lifespan and its ease of mobility, in case it would need to be moved. Typically, a potted plant in these bathrooms should have large, tropical leaves that create an instant decorative element to a plain bathroom. 

Another accessory one could use is seashells. This is a common ornament collection to have in a bathroom as it creates a calming presence in your bathroom activities. They are also easy to collect, easy to keep clean and have multiple use depending on their size and shape. 

What materials can be used in a Scandinavian bathroom?

There are basic materials that any bathroom would need such as glass, porcelain as well as ceramic tiles. Glass can be found in many items in a bathroom like in the shower doors and walls, also in the basin mirrors and in the lighting fixtures. Every bathroom needs tiling in one place or another. Some homeowners only tile the floor and nowhere else. 

Others will create a tiling scheme on the floor and alongside the walls to make the bathroom easier to clean. The main reason for tiles in any bathroom, is to help the steam from the hot water and bathtub, to easy evaporate and be cleaned. Porcelain is also needed in any modern bathroom to help the damp conditions easily run off the surfaces and prevent mould. 

What colours are best suited to this style of bathroom?

The colours best suited in almost any bathroom would also work in a Scandinavian bathroom. So what are the commonly used colours in a bathroom? There are many options to choose from, starting with a base such as white. This would act as a base colour because it would start the designing process for other elements to be added. This colour could be used in the tiling on the floors or in the walls and bathtub or toilet or sink. So why use white? Well, white gives a de-cluttering appearance, it is a colour that emphasizes cleanliness and space. Another popular colour to paint on the walls or use in the tiling scheme is pastel colours such as mint green, baby blue or soft yellows. The final colour to consider is light grey. Especially popular in the tiling, light grey is used to break the monotonous colour scheme of a one toned bathroom. 

What should I decorate the walls with in a Scandinavian bathroom? 

Now that we have established the colour scheme that could be on the walls, let us talk about what options we have in terms of the decoration and functionality of the elements too. For decoration within a Scandinavian bathroom designers would suggest calming scenery in oil paint, themed paintings that accommodate the colours in the bathroom or depending on what colour the bathroom is, for example white, you could add paintings or photographs that feature bright, bold colours such as reds, greens or pinks. 

It is key to remember though, that everything in a bathroom must have a calming, clean look and finish to help maintain the ambiance of relaxation. A clever way to add both decoration and functionality, would be towel and clothes hooks. These could be a fun way to create pops of colour and texture in the bathroom. They can be metallic, round or square in shape, ornamental in terms of the design or transformed from a previous piece of artwork. Lastly, the walls could be well decorated with personalised, designer tiles. 

These are most common in exotic countries such as Turkey or Morocco, and usually have bold primary colours within their design. This might also be a fun way for you to take interior designing into your own hands, and paint the patterns on the tiles yourself. These can be placed inside the shower, they could surround the bathtub or be placed in such a way that they become art on the walls. Surely, an original way to add individuality and exotic decoration to your Scandinavian bathroom.