Country Bathroom Design Ideas & Pictures

  1. Guest Bathroom: country Bathroom by Tru Interiors
  2. White River Manor: country Bathroom by Principia Design
  3. Need help with your bathroom?
    Need help with your bathroom?
  4. AKABEKO LODGE: country Bathroom by Studious Architects
  5. Guest Bathroom: country Bathroom by Tru Interiors
  6. Main Bathroom: country Bathroom by OLIVEHILL Architects
  7. country Bathroom by JFD - Juri Favilli Design
  8. Need help with your bathroom?
    Need help with your bathroom?
  9. country Bathroom by Banovo GmbH
  10. country Bathroom by Hart Design and Construction
  11. country Bathroom by Bongers Architecten
  12. country Bathroom by Immofoto-Sylt
  13. country Bathroom by Banovo GmbH
  14. country Bathroom by Klaus Geyer Elektrotechnik
  15. country Bathroom by Open Village
  16. country Bathroom by Bau-Fritz GmbH & Co. KG
  17. country Bathroom by Raumkonzepte Peter Buchberger
  18. country Bathroom by Boddenberg
  19. country Bathroom by Mignon van de Bunt Interieurontwerp, Styling & Realisatie
  20. country Bathroom by Wood Creations
  21. country Bathroom by meier architekten
  22. country Bathroom by Minel Mimarlık Yapı Mühendislik İnşaat Sanayi Ticaret Limited Şirketi
  23. country Bathroom by Bongers Architecten
  24. country Bathroom by Rusticasa
  25. country Bathroom by Bongers Architecten
  26. country Bathroom by Nobel flooring
  27. country Bathroom by Студия дизайна интерьера ART-Labs
  28. country Bathroom by Immofoto-Sylt
  29. country Bathroom by Kuloğlu Orman Ürünleri
  30. country Bathroom by архитектурная мастерская МАРТ
  31. country Bathroom by Белый Эскиз
  32. country Bathroom by SegmentoPonto4
  33. country Bathroom by Tim Diekhans Architektur

How should a country bathroom be decorated? 

Country bathrooms are all about the spa experience. Therefore the country bathroom has many uses and can be adapted to suit the various needs that the homeowner may have. For instance, the bathroom could also serve as a dressing room and a sit down area where one could shave, apply makeup or style their hair. A clever designing element to add to a country or even a modern bathroom, is a sky light. These are becoming more popular in the interior designing industry, as they have been modernly altered to best suit a 21st century home. The sky light will add streams of natural light into a bathroom. A simple yet sophisticated designing element to add to a country style bathroom would be an air diffuser. These sweet scented pieces have a functional and decorative purpose, and come in a variety of colours, scents, shapes and sizes. 

Another great choice to add to a country style bathroom, are decorative tiles. A decorative tile can be many things, it could mean that each tile has a decorative painting on it, like a flower or a symbol. Another way to make a tile a decorative one, would be that they are placed in a particular way, like in a mosaic formation. Lastly, we look at a classic bathroom element that adds elegance and class to any bathroom is a clawfoot bathtub. This has been featured in many traditional style bathrooms, but has recently made an appearance in country style bathrooms. This adds the contrasting style that we need in a modern country bathroom. This continues the spa experience that the country style bathroom inspires.  

What are the most commonly used materials in a country bathroom?

So what kind of materials should i build my country style bathroom with? To start off with, glass is an important material that every bathroom needs. The glass can be found in the shower doors, obviously the windows, and sometimes as a decorative aspect, in the cabinets and the shelves. Glass is a great material in a bathroom because it is easy to clean, it is not prone to mould and it is definitely pretty to decorate with in combination with wood, ceramic tiles and much more.

Another element to use in a country style bathroom floor specifically would be marble. This can be designed to take on a mixture of different colours such as black and white. Marble and granite are popular in the stylings and designing of bathrooms, as they are also easy to clean and cannot break or crack. The final materials we will discuss, are tiles. These come in a variety of different textures, from ceramic to terracotta. The country style bathroom is not specific to any one particular kind of tile texture, so it is possible for you to use some ceramic tiling on the walls and in the shower, coupled with terracotta tiling on the floor. 

What kind of technology can be used in a country bathroom?

Bathrooms nowadays have certain technological elements that can help make the cleaning up process a lot easier as well as more comfortable to enjoy. A clever invention that all luxurious country style bathrooms must have on their walls are heated towel racks. These heat up at the touch of a towel. The main purpose of a heated towel rack is to speedily dry a wet towel and keep it warm for the awaiting occupant. 

Another clever bathroom appliance to have in your country style bathroom, is an extractor fan that is strategically placed on the ceiling of the bathroom. What this fan does is extracts the hot steam from the shower and the bathtub without having to open the windows. It is an efficient way to quickly get rid of the steam that aggravates mould in most bathrooms. 

Lastly, we can talk about the addition of heated floors in a bathroom. This is perfect for the country style bathroom, as well as any bathroom that is located in a normally cold area, as it provides constant warmth in the room where you are most exposed, making you feel more comfortable. Heated floors are also perfect for children's bathrooms, so that they do not get cold and uncomfortable or will not get sick easily due to the change in temperature. 

How can I create storage that is stylish in a country bathroom?

Storage is of great concern in any room but more so in a bathroom. Where shall all the towels be kept? Will there be enough storage for the cleaning products and what about the soaps and toothpastes? One stylish way to add a storage option that will suit your country style bathroom is a restored wooden shelving unit or what looks like a wooden bookcase. This is just the right amount of rusticity that a country bathroom is looking for. The strange out of place look that such a wooden piece would add to the bathroom is just the sort of untraditional design the bathroom will need. 

Secondly, classy floating glass or porcelain shelves will add the modern contrast to a rustic theme that the country style bathroom holds. Floating shelves create a great illusion once looked at from a certain level, and can be placed virtually anywhere. They can be placed as high as possible, or even as low as the ground. Not only can they be used for storage, they can be used a holding space for decorations, or potted plants.