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Complete Minimalism Home Makeover - VR Video walk through Part 3

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In this video, it all comes together with the addition of furniture and the completion of many features i.e. the decorative wall art in the patio area. Do you feel ready to move in yet? The style in this home is modern but not too strict. The addition of soft furniture moderates the space and welcomes one with a warm feeling of satisfaction mixed with awe. Is it real? It is a beautiful compilation of light, colour, texture and emotion. It feels clutter free but not cold. It is cool and cosy at the same time. If we are required to use only one word describing this project it would be COMPLIMENTING. There are so many different features in this home but nothing clashes with each other. The energy flows seamlessly from the one space to the next, constantly lifting the spirit to a contented state. The layout makes sense, the flow is easy, the vibe uplifting. Art plays a major role in this design, definitely soothing on the eye and senses. Again, putting a look together that is non-invasive is not child play – it takes an expert eye, one that is able to visualise and feel the emotion long before the space is embodied. If not careful, one can easily go over board and spoil a perfectly balanced space with the addition of one wrong item. Now, can you see how the expertise of an Interior Designer can complement your desire to create a home (or corporate space) that awakens all of the senses, soothing you out of the harsh reality of the outside world into a protective private space where you can recuperate and just be you? If you thought there is nothing more to do here, you are wrong! Make sure you stay tuned in to see how this project develops even more.

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