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Modular Homes for Sale

We specializes in modular homes built from recycled shipping containers. Focus will mainly be on an off-the-grid solution which implies living green by means of integrating and using solar, wind, green growing walls, waterless toilets, rainwater harvesting systems and smokeless stoves. This solution can be applied to all aspects of society from low, medium and premium cost products being the organizations goal to make the technology accessible and affordable to all.

Total dimensions
19.88 × 951 × 800 ft / 108 sq ft (Length, Height, Width / Area)
Total cost
  • Modular Homes for SALE Umnyama Ikhaya Prefabricated Home Aluminium/Zinc Multicolored

    Modular Homes for SALE

    You dream it, we will build it is the organizations motto as no challenge is too big or small. The beauty of these homes is simplicity. Services are not limited to a 30m2 pod home; anything can be built; from a garage, school, apartment block, luxury home, library, shopping centre, spaza shop, clinics, hostels, decking and swimming pools. Umnyama Ikhaya is passionate about upcycling and looks forward to being at your service.