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Tilers in Welkom

The city of Welkom is located in the province of the free State, and is the second largest city found that province. The city has grown twice as fast as the growth of Johannesburg in recent years, making it an explosion of people, property, employment opportunities and all the necessary infrastructure that comes with growth too. 

What is a Tiler?

A tiler is a trained professional who operates mainly in the construction industry, and more commonly in the home making industry where smaller and more specific jobs are done. Tilers undergo months of training to learn the art of precision tiling, measurement, and flooring in general. Many clients are not aware that tiling can be done in any room, on any flat and smooth surface and can even be done on the ceiling. Tiles are a great surface cover that last for decades if they are well installed, and if they are well looked after. 

What does a Tiler do?

Tilers basically prepare a surface, advise the client on what the absolute best options are for the room in question, and finally to place the tiles on the surface in an organised and neat fashion. Tilers do so much more than just laying down some basic tile on the floor, they create clever and clean spaces that can be cleaned and maintained easily. They ensure that rooms such as bathrooms, bedrooms, kitchens and even outdoor areas have the best tile that have no lumps, unevenness, or sagging that can waste a lot of time and money for the client as it will need to be re-tiled very soon after. 

Types of Tiles

There are so many variations of tiles that tilers can suggest to their clients. Because of this, tilers need to really know what they can offer and not just the cheapest or the most expensive tile so that the client is happy. For example, if the client really wants marble in their kitchen but the kitchen is just too old or dilapidated for such a heavy and expensive material, the tiler must inform the client. So let us have a look at the types of tiles and what they accommodate nicely. 

1.  Ceramic Tiles

These are some of the most commonly used tiles in almost every home. They are perfect for kitchen and bathrooms, as these are the two most frequently used rooms in the house and tiles in these rooms are constantly wet. Being constantly wet, tiles and their grouting can deteriorate quite quickly, and this is why a professional tiler is needed for proper installation. 

2.  Porcelain Tiles

These tiles are also very common, but can be tricky to place correctly in a home. Porcelain tiles not only come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and colours, but also come in as glazed or unglazed. This means that they either have a glossy or shiny effect (glazed), or they have a matte or solid effect to the colour (unglazed). This style of tiles is perfect for those outside areas such as the patio, the lapa, or even in the garden as a stepping stone. 

3.  Slate Tiles

These are a type of tile that has been around for such a long time and will continue to be around for even longer because of their natural beauty. Slate is a type of sedimentary rock that naturally occurs from the combination of volcanic ash and clay, that forms a variety of stunning colours and textures. Slate is not naturally smooth and therefore requires a little bit of extra work for the tiler, but so worth it for the client. Slate is perfect for any room in the house besides the bedrooms, as it can create a very crisp and chilly atmosphere. 

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