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Tilers in Vereeniging

Vereeniging is a beautiful town located in the South of Gauteng and is steeped in history. It experienced the tragic Second Boer War where a fight for liberation from British colonialism has cost many lives and broken families.  Nonetheless, we enjoy the freedom and a beautiful nation even after many historic battles.

Visiting Vereeniging is not only an educational experience but also a fun one featuring lots of activities and plenty to do.

Tilers in Vereeniging have found themselves very busy because their skills are needed in many building developments. Tillers help in property renovations, and construction in commercial and residential sectors.

What are the responsibilities of tillers in Vereeniging?

Tilers specialise in working with many types of tiles for both floors and walls. Your skilled tiler in Vereeniging can help you to transform your walls and floors from old to new. Some of the duties of a tiler include but are not limited to the following:

1.  Do an inspection of the plans: Tilers need to have knowledge of what the scope of work will be. They need to inspect or assess the areas to tile and also check for problems like mold. In this case, tillers must know how to read floor plans from building blueprints.

2.  Preparing the floors and walls to be tiled: Tilers must make sure that the surface to tile is prepared and ready. This step is important to ensure that the tiles don’t come loose

3.  Use the proper grout and adhesive for the tiles: Tiles are made from different materials and tillers need to know what type of grout or adhesive is best to use for the tile.

4.  Knowledge of what is best to treat areas prone to moisture: When tiling a bathroom, for example, tillers need to know what tiles and again, what adhesive is the best to use in this case.

5.  Cutting to fit areas: Tilers know how to cut and tile edges to fill gaps as required of the space.

6.  Tile alignment: Sometimes when working on surfaces that aren’t flat will require the tiler to be able to work with an area that may be sloped.

7.  Waterproofing tiles: A tiler will be able to seal your tiles as required.

8.  Good communication skills: Tilers need to communicate the project with their clients and be able to work with others sub-contracted on the job. Tilers must be able to explain in plain terms how they will take on the project from start to finish.

What are the advantages of hiring a tiler in Vereeniging?

First of all, they are up to date with the latest trends. You can trust your professional tiler to give you great options for the latest trends in tiling. Let them help you to transform your home into something gorgeous.

Secondly, you can get professional advice. When it comes to hiring a professional tiler in Vereeniging, you can be certain that you’ll get an expert’s advice. They will be able to help you decide on the best looking tiles for your home.

How do you choose your tiler in Vereeniging?

  • Have a search online – there are various companies that specialise in tiling and can provide tiling contractors as well as products.
  • Ask around – when selecting a tiler, you can ask colleagues and family for referrals to tilers that they trust to do the job
  • Check their portfolio – professionals will be able to showcase their portfolio and previous works by them
  • Get quotations – weigh your options and check which one works best with your budget.
  • Communicate – discuss what you need to be done and how long it will take to do as well as the cost to complete
  • Quality materials – does the supplier provide quality materials, and will it be worth your while and investment

How much do you pay tilers in Vereeniging?

There are different rates for tilers as various regions will influence how much a tiler would charge. Payscale South Africa estimates the rate for tilers to be between R30k and R169k. Bearing in mind that tilers like all contracts also receive a commission, and shared profit with their fellow contractors.

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