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Tilers in Tembisa

Tembisa was established in 1957 as a township north of Kempton Park on the East Rand of Gauteng. The name was originally derived from the Nguni word ‘Thembisa’, which means promise and hope. This speaks of the general feeling of the residents when the township was first founded, for everyone carried a lot of hope and promise for a better future.

In 2018, a new housing development project focused on building more than 3,000 housing units in Tembisa Ext 25 (covering about 58.391 ha), for which R140 million was set aside. This project, which is expected to be completed by 2021, will include the construction of the necessary infrastructure for water reticulation, sewer reticulation, a network of roads, plus the relevant electrical wiring.

What does a Tiler do?

A Tiler is in charge of all aspects regarding tile-laying in several environments. Most often these are kitchens and bathrooms, but another common area of a Tiler’s work is in swimming pool construction. Some Tilers can also specialise in certain areas like marble fixing, restoration, or underwater tile repair. Others will specialise in mosaic tiles, where their work contains a big artistic touch when it comes to the laying- and renovation process.

Depending on the job and project at hand, a Tiler’s day will usually consist of:

  • Meeting with clients and/or other professionals in the industry (i.e. Architects, Interior Designers) to discuss the relevant process of the project
  • Taking measurements and calculating quotes
  • Ordering tiles and grout
  • Cleaning surfaces and ensuring they are flat and smooth for the tile-laying process
  • Checking the quality of the tiles before commencing the job
  • Applying adhesives to tiles and applicable surfaces (walls, floors, ceilings, etc.)
  • Placing tiles neatly and evenly apart from one another (here is also where a mosaic Tiler’s job will become much more creative and difficult than a regular Tiler’s)
  • Allowing enough time for the drying-out process
  • Mixing grout (tiling cement) to put between the individual tiles
  • Polishing the tiled surfaces and cleaning up afterwards.

When will I need to hire a professional Tiler?

Whenever you require a surface to be covered with tiles, whether horizontal or vertical, you need to call up a professional Tiler. Virtually all of them work on both walls and floors, and they are trained to handle a variety of materials, from ceramics and glass to slate and wood.

Why is it important to hire a professional Tiler?

When revamping a house, however large or small the project, time is one of the biggest factors faced by homeowners. Whether it’s painting a wall, erecting a garden fence or replacing lighting fixtures, various things need to be taken care of – and all of these must somehow fit into one’s work schedule, family life, etc. You may not have the required time or the necessary DIY skills to take care of these projects – and the great news is that you don’t have to. That is what professionals are there for, like Tilers who are trained to install tiles in any area of your home and ensure first-rate results.

Hiring a professional Tiler means you get an expert on board who already has all the required equipment and manpower to perform that job the way it should be performed. True, DIYing a tiling job is made easier by the fact you can rent all the equipment and buy the materials yourself, but that puts extra strain on your budget. And remember that DIYing a tiling job means there’s a bigger risk of you breaking the tiles, leading to more time loss and frustration. With a professional Tiler in charge, that tiling project is assessed and proper measurements are taken before any work is started.

Many people believe that calling on the professionals for a tiling job is expensive. But just consider the total time and cost on your side should you choose to perform the tile installation yourself. And let’s not forget about the top-notch results that are guaranteed when working with the right professionals. Whether you are big on parquet wooden tiles or vinyl surfaces, there are stunning options available for every taste and budget – and the right professional Tiler is just waiting to help you with your dream wall, floor and ceiling.  

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