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Tilers in Soweto

Similar to Johannesburg (which is located only about 15 km away), Soweto was created thanks to the discovery of gold back in the late 1880s. Modern-day Soweto looks somewhat different, as it is home to no fewer than three million people (and about 40% of Johannesburg's citizens). Making up about 63 km² in size, it is known as the country’s most populous black urban residential area. It is indeed a city of contrasts, for it provides lavish mansions, double-storey houses, schools and hospitals within only a few blocks from tiny tin shacks and public parks.

What is a Tiler?

Tilers are hired to apply tiling materials to various surfaces like floors, ceilings, and walls.

Like other experts in the construction industry (Architects, Interior Designers, etc.), Tilers can work across a varied range of spaces such as residential homes, commercial sites, corporate offices, and industrial zones. Tilers are also properly trained to work with a variety of tile materials like marble, slate, granite, ceramic, glass, etc.  

Why do I have to hire a professional Tiler?

 It’s not always the fact that you get better results with a professional that leads to people hiring them – it’s the time factor. Whether it’s building a garden fence or replacing lighting fixtures, various things need to be taken care of – and all of these must somehow fit into one’s schedule of work, family life, etc. The great news is that you do not need to have the required time or the necessary DIY skills to take care of these projects. That is what professionals are there for, like Tilers!

With a professional Tiler you get to work with an expert who has all the required equipment and manpower to perform that job the way it should be performed. Even though it is possible to purchase the materials and tools for a quick DIY tiling job yourself, that puts extra strain on your budget. And remember that DIYing a tiling job means there’s a bigger risk of you damaging the tiles or injuring yourself.

Calling a professional Tiler can be expensive, depending on the project size and quality of materials involved. But just consider what you would have paid and how long it would have taken you should you have chosen to perform the tile installation yourself. And let’s not forget about the superior results that are guaranteed when you bring a seasoned and skilled Tiler onboard. It doesn’t matter if you prefer parquet wooden tiles for your new living room or are seeking inspiring mosaic designs for your renovated swimming pool –the right professional Tiler is just waiting to help you with your dream tiling project.

What must I ask a Tiler before I hire them?

1.    Have you worked with this kind of tile before?

Don’t assume that the Tiler you are interviewing has worked with every type of tile under the sun. If he or she is not clued up on that specific tile you have in mind for your project or are not comfortable working with it, it’s probably best finding someone who knows correct installation practices for that material.

2.    What is your experience with these types of projects?

You want to be sure that the Tiler has experience with the type of project you want done, whether it’s tiling a bathroom from floor to ceiling or renovating your backyard patio with some exquisite mosaic patterns. Also keep in mind that older houses will have different tiling requirements than newer constructions.

3.    How long have you been working in the tiling industry?

For your own peace of mind, find a contractor who has been active in the industry for over two years – and in your own area / town / city, too. This is a great way to establish what kind of reputation they have.

4.    What is your warranty on installation?

If your Tiler offers you a warranty of at least one year, you can rest assured that they’re a professional who stands by their work and values.

5.    Do you have any advice on the tiles / materials?

You may be the paying customer, but remember that the Tiler has significantly more experience working with tiles and related materials. Ask them for advice and be prepared to hear that the materials / tiles you were dreaming about might not be available or the best idea for your project. A Tiler who is 100% honest with you is invested in the project outcome.

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