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Tilers in Pretoria

Located in the northern part of the Gauteng province, Pretoria is one of South Africa’s three capital cities.  With its humid subtropical climate, Pretoria has always been slightly warmer than Johannesburg. Visitors can expect long hot, rainy summers and short cool to cold, dry winters.

Like many of the cities and towns in South Africa, Pretoria has experienced lots of cultural influences over the years. This can be seen in the city’s varied architectural styles. Throughout the city and residential suburbs, one can view structures that range from 19th century Dutch, German and British Colonial architecture to modern, postmodern, neo-modern (or neo-modernist), and even art deco styles. 

What does a Tiler do?

A Tiler lays wall- and floor surfaces with tiles made up of various materials like ceramic, clay, slate, glass, marble, etc. These surfaces, which are tiled in order to provide protective and decorative finishes, can be both internal and external. Depending on the company they work for and the project they’re busy with, Tilers can perform the following tasks:

  • Calculating the quantity of materials needed for a job by taking surface measurements or by looking at job specifications or drawings;
  • Consulting plans, measuring and marking surfaces to be covered, and implementing the layout work;
  • Preparing wall- and floor surfaces by removing old tiles, grout, cement, and adhesive;
  • Filling all holes and cracks and then cleaning the surfaces;
  • Attaching the tiles to the appropriate surfaces using the correct adhesive, and ensuring that patterned tiles perfectly match;
  • Using tile-cutting tools to cut and shape tiles required for edges, corners, or around obstacles like fittings and pipes;
  • Spacing and evening the tiles with the appropriate tools like spirit levels, squares, and plumb-lines;
  • Preparing and applying grout, removing excess grout, cleaning and polishing the tiles;
  • Laying floors of cement, terrazzo, or similar composition;
  • Applying waterproofing systems.

What do I need to consider when hiring a Tiler?

Correcting a poor tiling job can be very costly. Thus, it’s important to not only put your trust in the hands of a professional Tiler (as opposed to DIYing it), but to also to find the right Tiler for the project. Attempting to DIY a tiling job is not the same as painting a garden fence or applying wallpaper to a wall – there are the appropriate professionals for those jobs as well (such as Gardeners and Interior Designers), but in some cases you can try it for yourself.

When scoping through the options of professional Tilers, a good rule of thumb is to pick one with at least three years’ experience, as well as a proven track record in both floor- and wall tile installations.

And the task of choosing the right professional Tiler needn’t be difficult – just keep the following in mind:

1.  Choose your tile before you choose your Tiler

The type, size, and quality of your tiles and the layout can greatly affect the labour rate. For instance, oversized tiles or a project involving different-sized tiles in unique patterns will be more difficult to install; thus, it will be more expensive and/or require a more experienced Tiler.

2.  Find a reputable tiling professional

Word-of-mouth remains one of the best ways of finding a professional dedicated to quality work. Thus, ask friends, family and colleagues who recently had tilling work done who they’d recommend. Or browse through homify’s extensive collection of design- and construction professionals.

3.  Pick the right Tiler

Once you have a few possible candidates, you need to see if they are suited to your tiling project. Find out how long they’ve been active in the industry, how many projects they’ve completed, the average time it takes them to finish a job, and if they are available to work on yours. When meeting with the Tiler, ask for pictures of their previous installations (which you can also view here on homify), plus a list of references.

4.  Ask for a written quote

Once you’ve located the right Tiler, it’s vital to get a signed and detailed quote that explains the precise services you require. Consider:

  • Who will be responsible for removing the old tiles / flooring and disposing of them
  • If the repair and levelling of the floor with a suitable underlayment or levelling compound included in the Tiler’s responsibilities
  • Who will provide the required materials (i.e. tiles, primers, additives, grout… ) – you or the professional?
  • If you are tiling a bathroom, make sure that waterproofing is included on the quote
  • Any other questions that will influence your project (such as start- and end dates, how much it will cost, what amount needs to be paid upfront, what guarantee you will have on the work, etc.).
5.  Check that the right installation system has been quoted on

For your own peace of mind, check that your Tiler is using the correct adhesive and grout system. If they are truly a professional, this won’t be a problem. But if it’ll make you feel better, speak to a trained salesperson at the tile merchant used by the specific Tiler.

Let’s see how Tiles can take your bathroom to the next level.

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