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Tilers in Port Elizabeth

Port Elizabeth is commonly known as ‘The Bay’ by locals and tourists. This city is found in the province of the Eastern Cape and is usually called by its shortened name P.E or another nickname for the city is ‘The Windy City’. Established in the 1800s by British settlers, Port Elizabeth is now one of the largest cities in the country, with an active harbour and sea port that has created thousands of employment opportunities for the cities residents. 

The Tiler’s Job Description

A tiler is a professional within the construction and home making industry that lays down tile, by preparing a surface for tiling, designing and measuring tiles, cutting and finally installing the actual tile. Tilers need to have a very good working knowledge of mathematics as well as some knowledge of chemistry to properly complete their everyday tasks.they require this knowledge base when they need to prepare surfaces, and some might be harder to clean, lay with base materials and grouting materials, as well as for measuring angles as compared to the size of the tiles in order to ensure a perfect fit for the tile. From the floor, the walls, ceilings, tiler’s are the professionals you need to call. 

Why Tiles?

Tiles are a great choice and the most common choice for most home and business owners for one simple reason: they are easy. Tiles are easy to clean, easily affordable, and easy to find. There are hundreds possibly thousands of different design of tiles, from obscure shapes, unique hand painted traditional tiles, or just a gorgeously made classic plain tile that homeowners and businesses alike have been and will be buying for decades to come. There are alternatives to tiles though. There are laminate floors which serve the same purpose, are also very popular and equally as affordable to install and maintain too. Then there are the well known conventional alternatives such as carpeting, hard wood or natural wood floors and so many more depending on what surface you are covering and what your budget is. 

Tiling Inspiration

If you are looking for some inspiration on how to freshen up the tiles your currently have or you need to revamp a couple of spaces for whatever reason at all, homify can you help find that inspiration as well as clever ideas on tiling. The first suggestion we can give is to add a little texture layering by combining two or more different types of tiles in one room. For example, in a bathroom, placing glazed white tiles on the walls, and black slate or marble on the floors and in the shower is a great way to add layers of texture. The second tiling tip is to lay your tiles vertically and horizontally in the same room to create a depth of dimension. 

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