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Tilers in Polokwane

Polokwane is the capital city of the Limpopo Province and is growing stronger with each year. Its population was last counted in the 2011 census with a population of 629 000 and it’s expected to be more than 740 000 2019. The region is known for its mining, agriculture, tourism, and manufacturing sectors which play a large role contributing to the economy. That being said, it is also a wonderful place to invest in property and property investments allows for more projects with tilers in Polokwane.

What do tilers do?

When it comes to tiling, you’ll find a group of people who are hard-working and able to tackle physical hands with a degree of precision.

Professional tillers in Polokwane concentration and extreme attention to detail. Many tilers need to cut and shape the tiles according to the surface that it will cover. Tiles are placed on walls or floors and can immensely improve the look of a home. Even older “outdated” property interiors are instantly refreshed with the correct tiles.

Tilers also work in various mediums of tiles which include but are not limited to the following: ceramic, glass, cement, porcelain, granite, limestone, and marble. Those are just some of the types of tiles people may choose to have their interiors or exteriors of their homes done in.

Tilers can also work with pool areas and tile the actual pool with the selected tiles. They can also tile patio and entertainment areas.

What are the responsibilities and duties of a tiler?

A tiler in Polokwane’s job is to make sure that they tile the outlined area to be tiled. They need to be able to do various things related to tiling and work physically hard. A degree of technical thinking and precision is required for a successful career. Here are just some of the duties of a tiler:

  • Work with their hands – tilers work with their hands most of the time and their job can be physically demanding
  • Work with tools required – there are some special tools needed to get the tiling job done and the tiler must know which one to choose.  
  • Use the correct adhesive – when tiling there are different types of adhesives and grout to use and your tiler needs to know which is best.
  • Measure spaces correctly – a trained tiler must also know how to measure the spaces between the tiles accurately.
  • Understand blueprints – working on properties requires knowledge of how to read blue prints or designs.
  • Communication skills – a skilled tiler must communicate well in order to inform his or her client about the project.
  • Work alone and with a team – tillers are often contracted to work with a team but also, need to have the discipline to work alone.  

What are the benefits of hiring a tiler

1.  Saves you time

When you’re not the one going about the tiling business, your hired help will be. This means you’ll have time to engage in the things that you love and prefer doing.

2.  No pain, but all the gain

No crawling on your hands and knees means you’ll have no aches and pains. However, you’ll benefit from a great job and a lovely place after the project without having physically “broken a sweat”.

3.  A beautifully looking home

It doesn’t matter where in the home you’re planning to lay your tiles. You will enjoy an upgraded look and something you can be proud of. Just tiling jobs on its own can bring so much modernity to any kitchen, bathroom or outdoor area for that matter.

4.  A professional’s advice

Sure you may have a good idea of how tiling works, but there is nothing like an expert’s advice. They can help you select the right tiles for the project and can help you to get the very latest tiling trends.

5.  Saves you money

A professional tiler in Polokwane can save you money because they will help you select quality tiles from affordable suppliers. They also have connections to various suppliers and are able to source the best prices for you at the end of the day.

There are many benefits to hiring a professional tiler to help you build or renovate your house. Have you found the perfect tiler to assist you?

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