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Tilers in Newcastle

Newcastle is a large city in the KwaZulu-Natal province and its population over 363,000 people (2011 census).  Since its establishment, Newcastle has developed a strong economy, throughout colonialism in the 1800s as well as the present day. In the industrial sector, Newcastle has a synthetic rubber plant, a chrome chemical plant, and is deeply involved in heavy engineering. 

Tilers in Newcastle find themselves at work every day helping new homeowners renovate or design a grand and beautiful bathroom or kitchen. While tilers are not restricted to the walls and floors of bathrooms and kitchens, their expertise is often required in commercial industries as well.

What does a tiler in Newcastle do?

homify has a variety of professional tillers in Newcastle to help you complete your tiling project for your home. Many of these professionals help in the private and commercial sectors which means you can employ their services for your home or business premises.

A tiler has many responsibilities and their job requires them to work with other contractors and by themselves. Tillers are responsible for the following:

  • Measure the floors or walls to be tiled – this requires numerical knowledge and arithmetic.
  • Cutting tiles to shape and size – the tiler needs to be able to use certain tools to cut tile into shape.
  • Lay out tiles – to get an overview of what the picture will look like after the job, a tiler must be able to visualise the end look.
  • Use adhesive and equipment – tillers use special tools and equipment to get the tiles to stay in place.
  • Restoration and replacement – sometimes a tiler needs to replace existing tiles with new ones or restore old ones.

Do you need a tiler?

DIY workmanship can be rewarding and great on many levels. This is especially so when you see your craftsmanship become a success and stood the “test of time”. However, the same cannot be said if you have no prior knowledge and are going to tile your home for the very first time. You’ll not only risk spending more money but definitely use up way too much time to complete the job.

Hiring a professional tiler, on the other hand, will help you to get the job done properly the first time around. Plus, to your advantage, they can help you achieve even more out of the project such as the following:

  • Save your money – because they have connections with suppliers they can source quality tiles at more affordable costs.
  • They save you time – needless to say, hiring a professional means you’ll have more time to yourself.
  • They know the latest trends – you can enjoy the latest trends when it comes to tile choices and they can help you choose ones suited to your lifestyle and taste.
  • They have the knowledge – you could choose a DIY route but a skilled tiler will know what tools to use and the correct adhesive for the tile and area to be tiled (shower, bathroom, moisture-prone).

How to find a tiler in Newcastle

Tilers don’t need to specifically study further but they can be very skilled and naturally work well with their hands. However, finding a good tiler can be a challenge since there aren’t specifics in this niche. You could ask friends and or family if they can refer you to a tiler they’ve previously used. Some companies have their own in-house tillers that they dispatch on projects as needed. Or some companies may outsource their own tillers for projects as separate contractors. In this case, you’ll probably get a reliable tiler as they’ve already built a reputation for themselves.

homify has a variety of professionals that can help you on every project whether you’re building a new home or renovating an existing one.

Check the following when looking for a good tiler in your area:

  • Can the local tile supplier refer you to a good tiler
  • Can they give a written quote (get a few of them to see what will work with your budget)
  • Check to see if they quoted on the correct installation system and not something else
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