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Tilers in Mbombela

Mbombela previously known as “Nelspruit” is located in the Mpumalanga Province. A visit to the region will allow you so many fun places to see and things to do. It is in close proximity to the iconic Kruger National Park and visitors to the park often stopover in Mbombela before journeying on. For the outdoor lovers this place is jam-packed with excellent things to do like exploring the Sudwala Caves and Botanical Gardens.

It’s not only outdoor enthusiasts that get to enjoy Mbombela but many investors purchase property for commercial and residential use. Tilers in Mbombela are often contracted on renovating and building projects.

What do tillers in Mbombela do?

Tilers specialise in floor and wall tiles and are able to work with various types of tile mediums. Some tiles include ceramic, clay, concrete, marble, mosaic, porcelain, and limestone to name a few. That said a tiler should also be very knowledgeable when it comes to the adhesive types that will work best on certain tiles.

Some of the duties of a tiler in Mbombela include but are not limited to the following:

  • Assessment – a professional tiler is able to assess the area to tile and check for any discrepancies such as dampness or other problems that could affect the integrity of the tile work.
  • Tile cutting knowledge – tillers must know how to cut tiles to fit in the spaces (floor or wall)
  • Preparing surfaces – tillers need to properly prepare the surface to be tiled so that they are able to secure the tiles in place.
  • Use of adhesives and grout – tiles need a medium to hold them in place and this is where the various types of grout and adhesive is important. Tilers must know which is best.
  • Space the tiles as needed – tilers must be able to measure the spaces accurately between each tile so that it is even.

How to choose a tiler in Mbombela?

1.  Ask some folks you know

You can get a referral to a good plumber by asking people you know. You can check with friends and family. Ask what their experience with the tiler was. Can they rely on the tiler to get the job done and proper workmanship?

2.  Get quotes

Never go for the first tiling contractor that crosses your search, instead, weigh your options and ask around for more quotes. Check the prices, a very cheap quote won’t necessarily be the best quality, so do your homework before deciding.

3.  Search online

You can have a look through search engines and directories such as homify. In it, you’ll find a wide selection of professionals specialising in various niches including design, architecture, plumbing, painting and more.

Benefits of hiring a professional tiler in Mbombela

1.  Saves you time: If you did it the DIY way, you could take longer to complete the job as opposed to hiring a pro.

2.  You get an expert opinion: With a professional tiler, you will get expert advice regarding the types of tiles and the style or design.

3.  Quality workmanship: You can be sure that with a professional, you’ll get expert work done and quality that you can trust.

4.  They communicate the project: If you want to know what’s going to happen and how things will take place, a tiler is able to communicate the project with their clients. They are also able to give a clear picture and time frame regarding how they will take on the project and the amount of time spent on it.

5.  Peace of mind with cost: When hiring a pro, you’ll get an idea of what the project will cost even before completing it. You’ll thus have a better idea of what you’re going to spend.

How much do tilers in Mbombela charge?

You cannot get the same price for each tiler because no two professionals are the same. You must ask for quotes and see what best suits your budget. Different areas charge different prices. In popular cities like Johannesburg and Cape Town, you may pay more to employ a professional tiler or to hire a tiling company to help you with your project. According to Payscale South Africa, tilers earn roughly between R30,000 to R160,000. Tilers can also charge their own individual rates or you could pay whatever the company is charging. 

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