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Tilers in Krugersdorp

Krugersdorp is primarily a mining city that traces its roots to the 1800s when gold was first discovered in the region. As it is located in the Gauteng Province, it was influenced and experienced the iconic Gold Rush. The region mines materials such as iron, lime, gold and more.

When it comes to education Krugersdorp is renowned for some top Government and private schools. It is also has a large game reserve which is home to various species of wildlife. Krugersdorp is popular among investors whether it is property or business and tillers in Krugersdorp is no stranger when it comes to renovating and contractor projects.

What do the tillers in Krugersdorp do?

Tilers are responsible for tiling floors and walls. Tiling can be done on the inside and or outside of the property and is not restricted to kitchens and bathrooms. Instead, tilers can tile areas around the pool and the pool itself. They also tile outdoor entertainment areas, patios and more.

Tiling takes place in commercial and residential sectors and tillers work as part of a team and by themselves. Many skilled tillers can work with all types of tile mediums including ceramic, marble, brick, plastic, natural and artificial stone.

What are the key duties and responsibilities of a tiler?

A tiler has many responsibilities and needs to have a certain skill set that goes beyond working with their hands. Accuracy and measurements are a crucial part of their skills and responsibilities.

  • Assess the areas to be tiled
  • Complete and give quotations for work
  • Prepare surfaces to be tiled
  • Lay the tiles in the area to be tiled
  • Cutting tiles to size
  • Using grout in the gaps
  • Finishing off the work 

What do tilers in South Africa study?

Tiling is a highly recognised part of the construction field and they make up the essential part when it comes to building a property. A property without tiles would look naked and horrid especially if it’s just raw concrete on the floors and walls.

Tilers may need to study the techniques of being able to restore walls and floors using tiles. They also need experience in removing and applying new tiles. They may also need to restore existing tiles of a property. Studying to be a tiler is very practical and involves lots of physical work. The job is hands-on and every professional in this industry needs to bring their A-game when it comes to creativity and thinking “out of the box”.

Recognised institutions such as The Makers Academy teach various modules for tiling which cover factors such as safety and more.

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