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Tilers in Kimberley

Kimberley, the capital and largest city in the Northern Cape Province of South Africa, is located about 460 km south-west of Johannesburg and approximately 950 km north-east of Cape Town.  

Similar to various other towns and cities in the country, Kimberley also presents its fair share of heritage sites, including City Hall and Market Square, and the Kimberley Club. The Dutch Reformed Mother Church Newton is a good example of Stucco architecture to be found in the city. Declared a National Monument in 1976, it is now a Provincial Heritage Site.

According to property24, the average estimated value of a Kimberley house (for June 2019) was R900 000. Apartments came in slightly lower at R660 000 for the same time period.

What does a Tiler do?

A professional Tiler is trained to lay the surfaces of walls and floors, both internal and external, with tiles made up of various materials like ceramic, clay, slate, glass, marble, etc. These surfaces are tiled in order to provide protective and decorative finishes. Depending on the company they work for and the project they’re busy with, Tilers can perform the following tasks:

  • Calculating the amount of materials required for a job by taking surface measurements or by looking at job specifications or drawings;
  • Consulting plans, measuring and marking surfaces to be covered, and implementing the layout work;
  • Preparing wall- and floor surfaces by removing old tiles, grout, cement, and adhesive;
  • Filling any holes and cracks before cleaning the surfaces;
  • Attaching the tiles to the appropriate surfaces using the correct adhesive,
  • Ensuring that patterned tiles (i.e. mosaics) perfectly match;
  • Using tile-cutting tools to cut and shape tiles used for edges, corners, or around obstacles like fittings and pipes;
  • Using the right tools like spirit levels, squares, and plumb-lines for pacing and evening tiles;
  • Preparing and applying grout, removing excess grout, cleaning and polishing the tiles;
  • Laying floors of cement, terrazzo, or similar composition;
  • Applying waterproofing systems if and when required.

When would you require the services of a professional Tiler?

You need to phone up a professional Tiler whenever you have a surface (whether vertical or horizontal) that needs to be covered with tiles. Just about all Tilers work on walls, floors and ceilings, plus they are able to work with a wide range of materials. Some Tilers even specialise in more intricate projects such as oversized tiles and/or unique and difficult patterns (i.e. mosaics).

If the tiling project is small, then a single Tiler will be enough. But a group of professionals will be required for larger projects, such as tiling industrial premises and laying swimming pool tiles.

In need of a Tiler? Then remember this!

We are always game for taking on a DIY project, as long as the DIYer has the required skills and stays out of harm’s way. But keep in mind that anybody cladding a surface in tiles needs to be 100% confident in his capabilities, not only for visual aesthetics, but also for safety reasons. You don’t want a falling ceiling tile to put a damper on your beautiful house, do you?

That is why it is so important to not only find a professional Tiler for a tiling job, but also to find the right one! Fortunately, our collections of professionals here on homify (from Architects and Gardeners to Roofers and Home Stagers) just keep on growing. Thus, in your search to find the ideal Tiler, keep the following in mind:

1.  Choose your tiles first, then a Tiler

There are many different types of tiles and tile-installation projects. And the type, size, and quality of your tiles and the layout can greatly affect not only the professional you will need, but also how long the project will take and what it will cost you. For instance, very large tiles or a project with tiny and colourful mosaic tiles in intricate patterns will be more difficult to install and, thus more expensive.

2.  Find a trustworthy tiling professional

Word-of-mouth is always a successful way of finding a professional dedicated to quality work. Thus, apart from searching on homify for a Tiler, feel free also ask friends, family and colleagues who recently had tilling work done what tiling professional they would recommend.

3.  Pick the right Tiler

Make sure you narrow your search down to at least three tiling candidates. Schedule individual meetings with each one and ask them a series of questions to determine if they’d be the correct one for your project. Some important questions to include are: how long they’ve been active in the industry, how many projects they’ve completed, how long it takes them to finish a job, and if they are available to work on yours. Be sure to also ask for pictures of their previous installations (which you can also view here on homify), plus a list of references.

4.  Ask for a written quote

After picking the perfect Tiler, get a signed and detailed quote that details the sort of services you require. Make sure that quote also specifies:  

  • Who will be responsible for removing the old tiles / flooring and disposing of them
  • Who will provide the materials (i.e. tiles, primers, additives, grout… ) for the job
  • If waterproofing is included on the quote (if relevant to your project, such as tiling a bathroom)
  • Any other details relevant to your project (like the start- and end dates, the total amount that needs to be paid, how much must be paid upfront, what the Tiler’s guarantee stipulates, etc.).
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