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Tilers in Johannesburg

Johannesburg is hot, hip and happening and it is one of South Africa’s largest cities. It is the leading destination when it comes to economics and business growth. Johannesburg is constantly developing and becoming more and more modern, from high paying jobs, to modern-looking skyscrapers, you’ll find it here. If you need good tillers in Johannesburg to help you with your home revamp project then you can be certain to find them and more professionals at homify.

What do tilers in Johannesburg do?

Tilers in Johannesburg are responsible for applying tiles to floors and or walls. They work with various types of tiles including ceramic, marble and glass to name a few. Some of the other materials used include special adhesive, grout, and or cement. Needless to say, tilers need to be knowledgeable when it comes to what works best in damp-prone areas of the property. Tilers also repair and replace old tiles and re-tile an entire place. They don’t only tile the interiors of a property, but also, the exterior walls and ground as well as pools for that matter. With that said, they really need to have a good grasp on the equipment and products that they use in order to use the correct ones for the correct areas being worked on.

What are the skills of a tiler in Johannesburg?

  • Working accurately – tilers need to be able to work accurately and neatly to minimise mistakes and having to redo sections.
  • Versed with tools – they use various tools and need to know which ones work best for the type of tile they’re about to use.
  • Numeracy skills – they need to be able to calculate various area sizes to be tiled and communicate costs with the client.
  • Creative minds – they need to be creative in order to create the ideal space for their client and to advise their clients of the most suitable tiling options to suit their style.
  • Problem solving – tillers must be able to solve problems as it happens
  • Work with others – when employed on a large project, they need to be able to work well with a team and on their own.

Tilers can work privately or be part of a construction and decor company. They work on various commercial properties as well as residential houses.

Why do you need a tiler in Johannesburg?

With a hired tiler you can get better results than attempting a DIY project. However, if you’re already versed in DIY tiling then by all means go for it. For those who aren’t it will take a lot of time to learn some things and to Google or YouTube ways to tile your walls, floors, or shower for that matter.

1.  They will help you get a good look for your home

Tilers are on trend and can help their clients choose beautiful tiles as well as advise on which tiles will work better for the area or space to be tiled.

2.  They save you money

Renovating can be expensive, but hiring a skilled and experienced tiler in Johannesburg will help you to save money. They can choose affordable cost-effective tiles at a better price from their connections. You can save and still get quality products that you can trust to last.

3.  They can replace broken tiles

As part of a tillers job, they can help you to replace any loose or broken tiles. They can also help you remove and redo your tiles as needed if you want to replace your floors are wall tiles.

4.  You get expert advice

You want the best advice when it comes to honest opinions regarding the new look for your home. With a professional tiler, you’ll get an expert opinion.

5.  Efficient timing

You don’t have to worry about time because a seasoned tiler will be able to manage their time. They’ll do a good job in managing their time so that it doesn’t take longer than it should.

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