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Tilers in East London

The beautiful city of East London is located in the South African province of the Eastern Cape. This city’s interior design industry has successfully translated their stunning coastal surroundings into a functioning living space that is quite aesthetically pleasing as well as. Because why can’t your home, business or even apartment building be both? Known as the ‘sunshine coast’, East London has some of the most beautiful beaches and coastal neighborhoods in the country that local and international tourists come to basque in. Along these spectacular beaches there are quaint dining experiences waiting to be had, with ice cream shops, excellent restaurants and wonderful fast food restaurants that visitors can enjoy. 

The Tiler

A tiler is a construction professional who has had months of training in the industry of tile laying and flooring. The work of a tiler is not only confined to floors but can be done on any surface that the client wishes. Tilers begin their process of tiling by preparing the surface correctly for the tiles to be laid efficiently, thereafter the tiles must be shaped, measured and adjusted to fit the surface. Only once all this preparation is complete can the tiler begin the intricate work of laying down each tile to create that sought after uniform sequence of tiles. 

What Materials do Tilers use?

Tilers use a number of different materials that can be transformed into a stunning tiled floor. The most common tile material is ceramic. The material ceramic can be shaped into any shape or size tile that the client prefers, and also comes with an option of being glazed or non glazed. Meaning that the tile can have a gloss effect or not. The second commonly used material for tilers is porcelain. 

This may not seem so, but all those tiles in your bathroom and every most bathrooms around the world are made from porcelain. This is one of the oldest materials used to make tiles. The third and final materials we will discuss would be granite and marble. This has always been a typical luxury material but now that it is becoming more affordable and there are so many replicas and alternatives available, everyone and everyone can have granite on their floors, walls, in their bathrooms and just about anywhere. 

Some Common Tiling Mistakes

As silly as it may sound, all tilers have to start somewhere, where mistakes will most definitely be made once or twice. This is also for those home improvement guys and girls out there who prefer to get their hands dirty by engaging in some therapeutic home DIY. The first common but often occuring mistake with tilers is cracking the tile. This usually happens when the tiles is being shaped or cut into the preferred size for the client. This may not sound too major, but this could cost a lot of money as those cracked tiles cannot be used again or sometimes cannot be put back together either. The second mistake would have to be the underlayment involved in the surface preparation before the tile is being placed. The underlayment acts as the connector from the floor to the tile, and it is absolutely necessary that this surface is completely flat, smooth, and evenly spread so that the tile does not end up being loose, cracking, and even worse sagging from the surface. 

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