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Tilers in Durban

Located on the east coast of the KwaZulu-Natal province, the city of Durban is the third largest city in South Africa. It is a grand metropolitan and coastal industry that attracts many tourists from all over the country and especially all over the world. Because of it’s great warm beaches and warm waters provided from the Indian Ocean, Durban has many areas that are of great value for holiday goers. This famous tropical city also has a rich history, being the birth place and current Kingdom of the Zulu people, where King Shaka Zulu himself established his great reign. We can see this in the naming of the awesome water theme park, uShaka Marine World, and the King Shaka International Airport. 

The Tiler

Tilers are exactly as their title explains them. They lay tiles on walls and floors, through the process of measuring, cutting and installing them. This may seem simple enough to explain but, a tiler must have great mathematical skill to get through most days on the job. Tilers work across a broad spectrum of industries such as the industrial industry, the home-making industry as well as the commercial and corporate industries. Tilers are also responsible for preparing the surface of the area they will be laying the tile on to. This is one of the most important steps for the tiling process, and must be completed properly in order for the tiles to last a lifetime. 

What do Tilers Work with?

Tilers work with a number of different tiles. There are many options that a tiler can use and suggest to their clients. What type of tile they use will depend on what the client needs, what the surface will allow for in terms of the material, the size and square metre surface and finally, what the client has in their budget. There are a few types of tiles out there, which are granite, marble, stone, slate, quartz, ceramic (glazed or unglazed), porcelain (glazed or unglazed), and glass. 

How Much do Tilers Cost?

Tilers usually charge their clients by the hour which can cost anything between R45 to R100 per tiler, per hour. They may seem like a small amount to pay but once you observe the intricate process of laying down some tiles, which could take weeks, the money surely adds up. Tilers are well paid for their services, and once they get into the groove of tiling, they cannot seem to stop. Professional tilers are most definitely needed for a bathroom or an entire house, smaller areas can be done with a simple DIY kit.  

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