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Situated in the north of Johannesburg, Diepsloot (the Afrikaans word for “deep ditch”) is a densely populated township. It was originally established in 1995 as a temporary living arrangement for more than 200 families evicted from other areas in Gauteng. But the picture looks much different today, for modern-day Diepsloot has evolved into an extensive settlement that is home to over 800,000 residents. It also provides a variety of shops and centres, a police station, plus public parks.

Diepsloot is a mixture of both informal and formal settlements. What makes its location unique is that it is not far away from Dainfern and Steyn City, both of which are considered extremely wealthy suburbs.

The area consists of fully government-subsidised housing, brick houses built by landowners (mostly in extensions 2 and 7), partially government subsidised houses, and shacks. It is estimated that more than 45% of Diepsloot residents rent their property from a landowner who has subdivided their land.

What is the job of a Tiler? 

A professional Tiler is trained to take responsibility for all aspects relating to floor-, walls- and ceiling tiles. Although Tilers most commonly complete kitchen- and bathroom tiling, as well as commercial tiling in shops, offices and hotels, professional Tilers can be called upon for a variety of jobs that focus on repairing and/or installing tiled surfaces – like applying tiles to swimming pools, for instance.

In South Africa there exists a variety of tiling companies that specialise in tiling alone. But it is not uncommon for tradespeople undertaking tiling work to also work as handymen to mix up the repetitiveness of daily tiling processes.

A seasoned professional Tiler will be able to:

  • Correctly calculate the number of tiles required to tile an area
  • Cut tiles to the correct size and shape
  • Perform restoration work needed for a specific area to be tiled before the tile-laying process starts
  • Ensuring tiles are cleaned properly and laid out neatly and making adjustments where necessary
  • Preparing and examining plans to ensure a smooth and well-executed job
  • Spreading grout onto surfaces where required
  • Working with concrete and other adhesives to affix tiles to various surfaces
  • In certain situations, creating decorative enhancements like tile mosaics.

What NOT to do when you’re searching for a professional Tiler

The margin for error is very low regarding tiling projects. Misplacing just one tiny tile can ruin an entire floor, wall or ceiling. That is why even though there are thousands of household jobs a novice DIYer can attempt without having to call a Gardener, Painter or other professional, tiling is never one of them. We firmly recommend leaving any task relating to tiling surfaces up to professional Tilers.

But when searching for the perfect Tiler, the don’ts are more important than the dos. Please tread carefully to avoid these pitfalls.

1.    Don’t waste your time with non-experts

Certain tiling jobs are quite straightforward and don’t require any special skills. But that doesn’t mean that just any person can handle it. Always choose a professional Tiler with experience and expertise that allow them to do the job correctly the first time.

2.    Don’t skip on screening

In your search for the ideal Tiler, you will encounter numerous candidates. Do proper screening to separate the great ones from the average and bad ones. Check up on their certifications, licensing, and insurance.

3.    Don’t skip the interview

Ask any and every question that comes to mind when meeting with a potential Tiler for the first time. This is not only so you can learn as much as possible about the professional, but also to help clarify any doubts.

4.    Don’t overlook references

Whether you go with word of mouth or choose a Tiler from our ever-increasing lists of professionals here on homify, always ask for references. These are past clients of the Tiler and/or other professionals that have worked with him/her. A positive review can go a long way in establishing trust!

5.    Don’t ignore samples

Always check samples of the Tiler’s past work. Look at the images in the professional’s portfolio and discuss any points that come to mind. Fortunately, homify provides details of past projects on the majority of our professionals to help you choose the right expert for your project.

6.    Don’t avoid pre-inspection

A quality Tiler will always prepare a worksite in advance by marking the cuts and placing plastic and other materials to keep the space clean. Pre-inspect the site to check how organised they really are.

7.    Don’t forget about the quote (in writing)

After discussing the scope of your tiling project, ask for a written quote from the Tiler. Be sure that they detail every task to be completed on the quote so that no hidden fees pop up later. You will need this in order to properly compare with the other written quotes you’re going to ask from the other candidates you’re considering. Be sure to also get a guarantee, in writing, which covers the work done for at least a few years.

8.    Don’t shop for tiles alone

As there are so many factors to consider when choosing the right tiles, make sure you take a professional with you.

9.    Don’t ignore professional advice

You may be the paying client, but the Tiler is the expert. Don’t ignore their advice, as they have the experience and the expertise to get the job done properly.

10.  Don’t ignore your sixth sense

Whether you are hiring a Tiler, a Floorer, or another professional, you and the experts are going to have a professional working relationship for the duration of the project. That means 100% trust and respect from both sides. Thus, if anything feels off about the candidate you’re interviewing (perhaps their price is much too low, they make too perfect promises, or you’re always struggling to get hold of them), trust your instincts. Cross them off your list and move on to the next possible Tiler!

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