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Tilers in Boksburg

Situated on the East Rand of the Gauteng province, Boksburg was established, like many other towns and cities in South Africa, after gold was discovered. Because Boksburg was founded in the late 19th century, it is still home to numerous Victorian / Traditional buildings. One of the oldest structures in Boksburg is the Old Government Building located on Church Street. Its first stone was laid back in October 1890.

Today, property development (commercial, residential, and rental) also booms in Boksburg. That is undoubtedly thanks to rising housing developments being established in Boksburg’s various residential suburbs like Parkrand, Beyers Park, and Libradene.

What is a Tiler and where do they work?

Similar to other experts in the construction industry like Architects and Roofers, Tilers can work across a varied range of spaces such as residential homes, commercial sites, corporate offices, and industrial zones. To properly do their work, Tilers also work with various tile materials like granite, marble, slate, ceramic, glass, etc.

Tilers can be hired to apply tiling facades to various surfaces like floors, ceilings, and walls.

Although a Tiler’s tasks will depend on the type of project they’re hired for, his/her typical day will involve preparing an area to be tiled, cutting the tiles into the correct sizes and shapes, and laying them in the appropriate places. Once the tiles have been correctly laid, the Tiler will spray adhesive over them to properly seal them into place.

What is important to remember if I need to hire a Tiler? 

There are various DIY options for small and safe household projects, like building garden furniture or painting interior walls, even though there are appropriate professionals for those types of tasks. But anybody cladding a surface in tiles needs to be 100% confident in his capabilities, not only for visual aesthetics, but also for safety reasons – nobody wants to be hit with a falling ceiling tile or cut their foot when stepping onto a broken floor tile. That is why it’s vital to not only find a professional Tiler for a tiling job, but also to find the right one for your specific project.

Fortunately, we provide an ever-increasing list of tiling professionals here on homify. But in your quest to find the perfect one, keep the following in mind:

1.  Know what type of tiles you want before choosing a Tiler

There are many different types of tiles and tile-installation projects. And the type, size, and quality of your tiles and the layout can greatly affect not only the professional you will need, but also how long the project will take and what it will cost you. For instance, very large tiles or a project with tiny and colourful mosaic tiles in intricate patterns will be more difficult to install and, thus more expensive.

2.  Find a trustworthy tiling professional

Word-of-mouth remains one of the best ways of finding a professional dedicated to quality work. Thus, apart from searching on homify for a Tiler, be sure to also ask friends, family and colleagues who recently had tilling work done who they’d recommend.

3.  Pick the right Tiler

Narrow your candidate shortlist down to at least three. Then, schedule individual meetings with each one to conduct interviews. Ask them how long they’ve been active in the industry, how many projects they’ve completed, how long it takes them to finish a job, and if they are available to work on yours. Be sure to also ask for pictures of their previous installations (which you can also view here on homify), plus a list of references.

4.  Request a written quote

Once you’ve chosen your ideal Tiler, get a signed and detailed quote that explains the precise services you require. Consider:

  • Who will be responsible for removing the old tiles / flooring and disposing of them
  • Who will provide the materials (i.e. tiles, primers, additives, grout… ) for the job
  • If waterproofing is included on the quote (if relevant to your project, such as tiling a bathroom)
  • Any other questions that will influence your project (like the start- and end dates, the total amount that needs to be paid, how much must be paid upfront, what the Tiler’s guarantee stipulates, etc.).
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