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The homeowners in South Africa are lucky to have an array of tiling experts and assorted tiles from this country and imported from all over the world. Tiling may seem like a small and sometimes tedious task of labour for the homeowner that wants to re-tile their kitchen, bathroom, garage or patio. These are just a handful of floors and sometimes even walls that can be tiled in a home and a property. There are many reasons why people choose tiles instead of other flooring options such as laminate flooring, wooden flooring, carpeting or slate tiles, but one of the main reasons known is that tiles are easy. They are easy to clean, easy to maintain and they last for decades sometimes centuries. Best of all, tiles can be handmade to suit whatever stylish appeal you are aiming to achieve by colour, shape, texture, thickness and even its glossy or matt finish. 

4 Common Types of Tiles

➣Ceramic Tiles

These are the most common type of tiles and for good reason, they are very durable and easy to clean. This type of tile is a great choice for splashbacks in kitchens and bathroom walls where there’s going to splashes of soaps, shampoos in the bathroom and sauces and oils in the kitchen. Generally, they are smaller than other tiles which makes them the perfect choice for a chance at a DIY project. 

➣Porcelain Tiles

So there are two different types of porcelain tiles; glazed and unglazed. These are similar to ceramic  tiles as they consist of a porcelain body and have a layer of glaze pattern that have been put on the surface. Because of advancements in technology, the glazed porcelain tile can have anything digitally printed on to it. Yet, the original and and authentic method of tile decoration is painting or staining by hand, but to do this on an industrial level by the hundreds and thousands, might take too long. 

The unglazed porcelain tile are fantastically strong and very resistant to any abrasive behaviour, and this is why they are perfect for very high traffic areas in and around the home such as the kitchen, the bathroom, the living room and even the patio. The unglazed porcelain tile can be polished to have a mirror-like finish that will suit any room in the house.

➣Mosaic Tiles

This amazing compilation of intricate tiling is a skill that was first introduced by the Romans and is now used all over the world to create masterpieces. Mosaics consist of small pieces of tile that are arranged on a sheet. Mosaic designs can be made from any number of materials like porcelain, stained glass, marble, stone, ceramic tiles, and even pebbles. Mosaic is a great way to give your room detail and add an extra layer of texture to your kitchen, bathroom, or any room really. 

➣Terracotta Tiles

The terracotta tile is commonly thought of when we talk about a luxury place in the desert with its baked golden orange colour, it appeals to the homeowner who is into the themed house. This is probably the most humble form of tile available, terracotta is produced by shaping a particular clay into a mould and baking this in a kiln, and then leaving the tiles out to dry naturally in the sun. 

What Rooms to Tile

Scandinavian Bathroom

A Scandinavian style bathroom is not too easy to achieve, as it contains a lot of modern materials such as glass, granite and porcelain, which we can find in the tiling.This style of bathroom is known for its defining angles that are timeless in terms of design and ongoing style. Common tiles used in here are both matt and glazed porcelain tiles that will both make a great addition to this bathroom. 

➣Colonial Dining Room

This type of dining room can have any type of tile on it, but the most common today is a large ceramic or porcelain tile. These give a spacious and open look and feel to a medium size family gathering room. A great modern trick for your colonial style dining room are tiles that mimic a carpet or rug by printing or painting intricate patterns on smaller tiles in a coordinated pattern. 

➣Mediterranean Villa

This villa is notorious for its warm and year round look, feel and design. This is where the terracotta tiles shine at their best, as they work so well with the other design elements that are in and out of this style of house. 

How Much Do Tilers Cost

Tiling can get really pricey if you are not just tiling your splashback area in your kitchen which can be done with a few days with the instruction of a DIY guide. But tiling an entire bathroom floor or a complete dining room floor is a large project that should be done by a professional tiler or even a team. A tiler can charge an hourly rate of between R 45 and R 200 above depending on the labour of the task. This means that a tiler or a team of tilers could cost between R 10 000 and 45 000 a month. 

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