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Roofers in Tembisa

Tembisa is a large township that can be found in the far East Rand of Johannesburg, in the province of Gauteng. Developed for the settlers and workers of the surrounding areas workforces which are namely Kempton Park, Alexandra, Edenvale, Bedfordview, Germiston, and the newly built area of Greenstone Hill. There are commonly three types of home found in Tembisa which are informal settlements, a small farm dwelling, and a private medium sized property. The township began to be formed in the late 1950s when the great Gold Reef really started booming, and mine workers needed an affordable place to build homes. 

What is a Roofer?

A roofer hardly needs an explanation or any kind of in-depth introduction. All we really need to focus on is that a roofer fixes, maintains, and installs roofs that must last a lifetime. The roof is one of the most important factors and actually solidifies the completion of a home, how reliable the home is and how durable the home will remain over the years.

What can we Roof with?

 The roofing industry, like many areas in construction, has developed in their offerings over time, and have developed and improved on their roofing materials. Why the need for improved roofing materials when the old ones were working just fine? Because things change! Things like weather conditions that might get harsher and more extreme over time, and new materials are created that just might do the job a lot better and for a fraction of the cost as compared to the old ones. Some well known roofing materials are:

1.  Concrete Roof Tile

This tile is very durable and can withstand some of the most extreme weather conditions like extreme heat and cold as the seasons change throughout the year. Also known for its elegance and visual appeal, clients tend to gravitate towards these tiles. The concrete tile is the perfect coverage to add to a country style home, or even an asian style home.

2.  Metal Roofing Sheets or Tiles

This is a common South African roofing material and is also popular in African countries simply because of its flexibility and ease of availability. These are roof tiles that are made from metals such as steel, zinc and galvanised iron, and are cut into shapes that resemble a concrete tile. Perfect for any home really but is becoming more popular on a modern home for its recyclable advantage. 

3.  Wooden Shingles or Shakes

The wooden shingle has probably been around for the longest of time, and is still around today because of its quality. Today, we see the wooden shingle looking and feeling very different as it has been improved upon and has been modernised to be fire resistant. People choose this type of roof coverage because of its natural ability to change colour due to the sun and constant exposure. From its original wooden colour to a rich, dark and chocolate colour over extended periods of time. 

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