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Roofers in Polokwane 

Polokwane, which used to be known as ‘Pietersburg’, is the capital of South Africa’s Limpopo Province. Meaning place of safety in Sotho, Polokwane is the largest urban centre north of Gauteng and is located approximately 315 km north of Johannesburg.

Polokwane is divided into 9 residential districts. Properties for sale in Polokwane range from low-cost housing to more up-class, gated communities such as Cycad Estate and Woodlands. According to property24, the average estimated value of a house in Polokwane (as at June 2019) is about R840 000; apartments' prices are not much lower, coming in at R800 000.   

What does a Roofer do?

Professional Roofers repair and maintain the roof structures of just about any building including houses, corporate offices, etc. Roofers make use of various tools and materials in their day-to-day work. Depending on the roof they are working on, they can work with any material such as asphalt, galvanized steel, glass, terra cotta tiles, and shingles.

It is vital for Roofers to undergo extensive training, just like any other professional working in the building / construction industry like Architects, Electricians, etc. This helps them to build up their skills and complete a roofing job as efficiently as possible, such as aligning the shingles or other materials of a roof correctly in order to protect the building from the elements like wind and rain. 

What are the advantages of working with a professional Roofer?

1.    You are assured of professional expertise

Professional Roofers with experience have worked on various roofs consisting of a variety of materials over the years. That means you benefit with first-class results for your roofing project in terms of safety, visual aesthetics, etc.  

2.    It is more cost-effective

Professional Roofers know exactly what type of materials to get to fix a roof. And since they network with other professionals and have established relationships with various vendors and suppliers, they obtain materials at a much lower cost than the average person. Roofers also have the correct tools to successfully complete the work depending on the roof situation, cancelling out the costs of you having to go out and buy them.

3.    You gain high-quality materials

Roofers know exactly which materials are of premium quality and also which ones are ideal for your specific roof and situation.

4.    You are privy to a warranty

Just know that should you choose to DIY your roof situation and a mishap occurs, you are 100% responsible for the costs. Hiring a professional Roofer means you get an expert who offers a warranty on both materials and labour.

5.    It is much, much safer

Accidents related to new roof installations and repairs are nothing new. That is why Roofers are trained to do their jobs as safely as possible—not only to avoid injuring themselves, but also their staff, the client, etc.  

Important questions to ask a Roofer (before you hire them)

1.  Where are you located?

You want an established and reputable roofing company in charge of your new roof. That means doing some digging to ensure they have a business street address – not just a P.O. Box or website. Fortunately, homify always aims to provide as many contact details as possible of all our listed professionals.

2.  Are you licensed and insured?

Always check that the Roofer you hire is properly licensed and has insurance both to cover his/her crew and any possible damage to your house.

3.  Will you subcontract the work?

There is nothing wrong with a roofing company subcontracting portions of the job out to others; but again, make sure these subcontractors are also properly licensed and insured. And that you get to meet the person who will be carrying out the physical work of your roof’s maintenance / repairing.

4.  Do you have any references?

How do you know what quality of work to expect from that professional if you don’t know what sort of work they deliver? Always ask for references from the professional, but make sure to search online and find some on your own.  

5.  Will I have a single point of contact?

You don’t want numerous names responsible for your roofing project. To make it easier on you, ensure that the roofing company provides you with a single person’s name and contact details should you have any queries. And whether it’s an on-site foreman or a company contact, this person needs to be available during business hours.

6.  What can I expect when you are onsite?

Be 100% sure about what time the crews will arrive each day, whether clean-up will happen at the end of every day or only at the end of the project, where they’ll take lunch, etc.

7.  Why is your price higher/lower than your competition?

Various factors can influence the pricing of a roof job, from the length of the project to the quality of the materials. If the Roofer you are considering provides you with a quote much lower or higher than the other quotes received and they can’t provide you with a good enough reason, see this as a red flag.

8.  When can you start?

Don’t assume that the Roofer and his crew will be able to start immediately.  

9.  What warranties do you offer?

Make sure that you receive copies of all product- and installation warranties that apply to your roofing project.

10.  What suggestions would you offer?

Not every roofing project is a straightforward job. Sometimes the professionals in charge might have some suggestions like another type of shingle for the roof, or a fixture / finish that could help out with energy efficiency. Even though you are the paying customer, see the Roofer as the experienced professional –you don’t need to abide by every recommendation made by them, but at least listen to what they have to say.

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