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Roofers in Newcastle

This is a beautiful city that is located just on the lower hills of the Northern KwaZulu-Natal. It may be best known as being in the presence of the famous world heritage site, the Drakensberg Mountain range. This is the third largest city that the province of KwaZulu-Natal has to offer with a total population of just over 360 000 residents. These residents get to look out of their windows everyday and see the stunning mountains that very few people get to see in their lifetime. The range of mountains include Champagne Castle, Giants Castle, and so many other smaller mountains that are great for hiking. 

What is a Roofer?

A roofer is a skilled professional that has been trained in the process of installing, maintaining and repairing roofs. They are not only responsible for installing the roof, but they need to make sure that the entire building from ground foundation, walls and structure are soundly fitted in place. Without a strong foundation and structure, a good roof will collapse at any shake of a leaf. There is an endless amount of disasters that could happen to a faulty or weak roof, but some of the most common issues people have a weak or old roof is a leaking roof from excessive rain, roofs flying or partially coming off of their buildings because of extreme wind, and eventually, a roof collapsing completely. 

Transforming your Roof

There are great ways to actually make use of your roof besides just tiling it. Roofs are being transformed into real living spaces, or leisure spaces for just about anything. It is really not as complicated as it may appear. 

The first great idea for transforming your roof is to add a deck. A deck is a great addition of space for any home or office as it automatically gathers people together. It is also an inviting space for a barbecue, cocktail party or staff function. A roof deck will need a roofers expertise to ensure that the roof is solid and suited for the installation of a deck. Then we need to bring in a professional joiner or carpenter to seal the deal and make sure that the best quality deck is installed. 

A rooftop deck or leisure space does not only apply to a double or more than one story building, it can apply to any home, even a one story building or home. So with the help of homify we can source and hire the needed professionals that will transform your roof. 

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