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Cintsa Thatching & Roofing
Based in the Eastern Cape and operating for over 15 years Cintsa Thatching & Roofing are specialists in thatching and roofing
RUFE Designs
RUFE specializes in precision roof designs.Roofs deserve to look beautiful from the outside as well as from the inside.This
SwanCorp Waterproofing
We offer our clients uniquely superior and guaranteed products and services as a leading player in the Waterproofing and
Waterproofing Johannesburg
Do you want to prevent imminent water damage to your building and property? Talk to us. Our company waterproofing Johannesburg
Hbc waterproofing (Pty)Ltd.
HBC waterproofing (Pty) Ltd is a South African waterproofing company based in Cape Town, with experience that is spread
Fabritech India
We take the advantage to introduce ourselves as the comprehensive Tensile & Poly carbonate roofing solutions service
DNB Construction, LLC
We began in 2009. Two family friends who were tired of contractors promising one thing and delivering another came together
Progettiamo, Produciamo e Posiamo Case, Tetti e Portichetti curvi in Legno.Progettazione, realizzazione e posa in opera
CUTECMA Estructuras de madera
CUTECMA, Cubiertas técnicas en madera es una empresa especializada en diseño, cálculo y montaje de estructuras y cubiertas
Профессиональный монтаж плоских кровель. Устройство эксплуатируемых кровель. Террасы на крыше. Строительство современных
Mechelk Bedachungstechnik GmbH
WILLKOMMEN BEI MECHELK BEDACHUNGSTECHNIK Ihrem Partner rund um das Dach aus dem Westerwald. Gemeinsam bilden wir ein zuverlässiges
Fortuna Jaya Kreasi
Kami kontraktor spesialis tenda membrane untuk kanopi parkiran, atap restoran, atap lapangan, tribun penonton, amphitheater
Garden master limitada
-Instalación de Pasto en alfombra. -Sembrado de pasto por semilla previa preparación del terreno. -plantación de arboles
Ploughcroft are a leading Yorkshire roofing and home improvement company.We firmly believe that looking after your roof
Mái bạt xếp lượn sóng hòa phát Điểm 10 cho chất lượng Với sự đa dạng về mẫu mã, phong phú về màu sắc, đảm bảo về chất lượng
Строй 911
Профессиональные кровельщики нашей компании выполнят монтаж кровли любого типа: скатная, плоская, зеленая, мансардная и
ТД Сотдел
Наша главная цель не просто продавать строительные материала и осуществлять монтажные работы, мы стараемся удовлетворять
NB Exquisite Designs
NB Exquisite Designs specialise in all aspects of GRP fabrication and mouldings, also roof tiling and slating. We offering
TC Roofers Dublin
Dublin roofing repair specialists. Repairing all types of roofing, guttering and chimneys in Dublin. Emergency call out
Calgary Elite Roofing
The elite way with guaranteed craftsmanship and best value roof repair services in Calgary and Southern Alberta.

Roofers in Mbombela

Mbombela is the Siswati word for "a lot of people together in a small space". This city, located in the north-eastern part of South Africa, lies about 330 kilometres east of Johannesburg and about 82 kilometres north of the Swaziland border. It is the capital of the Mpumalanga province.

Mbombela was originally founded as Nelspruit in 1895. It served as a key stopover for the Eastern railway built by the Netherlands-South African Railway Company in the late 19th century which ran from the newly discovered Witwatersrand goldfields to modern-day Maputo in Mozambique. Similar to other towns and cities in the country, Mbombela’s growth can be attributed to the discovery of gold.

Today, Mbombela still serves as a major stopover point for tourists travelling to the Kruger National Park and Mozambique. Tourists from Mozambique continue to stimulate the city’s economy which, in turn, leads to soaring property prices. For May 2019, the average price of properties in Nelspruit was R 3 145 950, as per property24.

What is a Roofer and what do they do?

Roofers are one of the many professionals working in the construction industry, like Architects, Floorers, Painters, etc. A Roofer’s responsibility is limited to structures’ roofs, mainly repairing and installing them. To do this, a Roofer must know how to work with any material from which a roof can be built such as tar, gravel, rubber, thermoplastic, metal, and shingles. All of these materials are responsible for protecting a building, such as a house or office/business, and its inhabitants from water damage and the elements.

Roofers can head up a variety of tasks, depending on the type of project they are involved with. Some of the more general ones include:

·         Inspecting problems on/in roofs to determine the best way to repair them

·         Measuring a roof’s dimensions to calculate how much material is needed

·         Installing ventilation systems

·         Making a roof weatherproof by installing shingles, asphalt, metal, or other materials  

·         Cutting roof materials to fit around walls or vents.

What skills are needed to become a professional Roofer?

·         Balance: Roofs come in various different styles, sizes and heights, which is why a Roofer requires perfect balance to work on roofs with very steep pitches.

·         Strength: A Roofer must be able to carry heavy materials, like bundles of shingles, up ladders and onto the roof.

·         Endurance: Whether it’s cold or hot, a Roofer needs to be able to spend lots of time outdoors, sometimes on their feet and other times kneeling, to work on roofing issues

·         No fear of heights: A Roofer can’t be prone to dizzy spells or nausea when working on tall buildings.

What is the point of hiring a professional Roofer?

1.  It could work out cheaper

Installing or fixing a roof involves a lot of different tools and materials. So, why would you want to spend thousands of rands to buy all of them? Professional Roofers, more often than not, have suppliers that afford them a reduced rate when it comes to purchasing materials and tools. And just think about all the money you’ll lose if your DIY roofing job turns out unsuccessful and you have to call in a professional to fix your blunders.  

2.  You get first-class materials

A lot of people doing DIY jobs opt for the cheapest materials available to cut costs. Remember that professionals have access to first-rate materials at lower prices. Thus, rather opt for first-rate results and hire a professional Roofer right from the start.  

3.  You get expert results and service

It is no secret that home renovation projects don’t always go as planned. And should you attempt a roofing project on your own, you might not know what to do once you encounter an unforeseen problem. Here, again, is where a trained and professional Roofer can make all the difference between a shoddy roof and an expertly installed one.

4.  You save so much time

That Roofer you want to hire might not be immediately available. However, due to their knowledge and experience, they’ll deliver a first-class job much sooner than even the most experienced DIYer.

5.  The risk of injury is significantly minimised

A roof high above the ground is not the safest spot to work. So why risk it? By letting a professional take care of the job, the risk of injuring yourself severely minimised, because Roofers are also trained on safety precautions. And remember that good Roofers carry insurance that protects you from liability should someone from their crew sustain an injury on your property – be sure to check for this when meeting with a Roofer for the first time!

6.  You may be privy to a warranty

All blunders are 100% your responsibility should you attempt a DIY job. But many professional roofing companies offer warranties through their work. That means that should your new roof begin leaking within a few months or if another issue arises, all you need to do is phone up your Roofer. But just be sure to double check that warranty before signing the contract that signifies the start of your project.

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