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4 Roofers in Johannesburg

Roofers in Johannesburg

The great and historic city of Johannesburg also known as the ‘City of Gold’ is globally renowned as a world class, and the economic hub of Africa. This city was founded on the backs of miners who were employed when gold and other precious minerals like platinum, iron ore and diamonds were discovered all over the region. This brought floods of people from all over the country and the world to get a piece of the profits. With a growing population of now 3.2 million residents, Johannesburg is the largest metropolitan city in the country of South Africa. Smaller towns or cities make up this great city some of them being Randburg, Sandton, Johannesburg CBD, Krugersdorp, and Soweto. 

The Roofers Job Description

A roofer is commonly known as the person you would call when you need to fix, install, or design a roof or a roof area. They are trained to provide their clients with the best quality roofing materials and roofing solutions for any issues you may be having. Roofers begin their duties by inspecting the entire building in question to ensure that they are designing and installing a quality roof on top of the highest quality building. This will also be the point where the roofer will establish what kind of roof they will be installing; is it a flat, gable, hipped or lean-to roof? 

4 Types of Roofs

When considering what type of roof is the perfect fit your building or home, one must also consider the architectural and practical design of the building first. As mentioned above, the various types of roofs begin with a flat roof. This is a simple and also very common design in most commercial buildings as well as on buildings where a terrace will be created. It is simply a flat roof that can act as another level to a building with no roof on it. 

The second type of roof is a gable roof which on the outside appears slightly slanted on both sides, creating a triangle shape. On the inside of the building however, there are either exposed beams on the ceiling or adversely there will be another room added called an attic which is usually used for storage. 

Thirdly we have the hipped roof which can only be described as a roof with many angles where all sides slope downwards. This is a complex roof to create but is largely effective when it comes to its ease of maintenance and running off rain water. These types of roofs also allow for an extra room addition between the ceiling and the actual roof. 

Finally we come to the lean-to roof design. This type of roof is commonly found in the building of large warehouses, apartment buildings and of course, homes. Within the home sector, lean-to roofs are used on car garages, built-in lapas, and patios too. They work well with running off rain water, but one downside is that the materials used to make this roof (tin, zinc, plastic, corrugated iron etc.) are very noisy when it is raining or hailing. 

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