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Roofers in Durban

Durban, South Africa’s third most populous city after Johannesburg and Cape Town, is located on the east coast. It is also one of South Africa’s major tourism centres thanks to the city’s warm subtropical climate and extensive beaches.

Durban is quite diverse in terms of ethnicity, with a rich cultural mix of various beliefs and traditions. The largest ethnic group in the city is Zulu, although a widespread group of British and Indian descendants also live in Durban. This melting pot of cultures also influences the architectural styles and structures throughout Durban, especially when it comes to residential houses and interior designs.

What does a Roofer do?

A professional Roofer maintains and repairs the roof structures of houses and other buildings. They make use of various tools and materials to get the job done. Depending on the type of roof they are working on, they can work with asphalt, galvanized steel, and shingles.

Like other professionals in the construction industry (i.e. Architects, Floorers, Interior Designers), Roofers undergo extensive training in order to build up their skills. Roofing is a fine craft that requires time and balance. A professional Roofer must be able to align the shingles or other materials of a roof correctly in order to protect the building from the elements like wind and rain.  

A Roofer can also be tasked with inspecting existing roofs for damage, calculating the costs and materials to fix or build a roof, installing insulation or vapour barriers, cutting materials to fit corners and against walls, and sealing the entire structure to avoid leaks.

What are the requirements to become a professional Roofer?

  • Balance: Since roofs come in a variety of different styles, sizes and heights, a Roofer requires perfect balance to work on roofs with very steep pitches.
  • Strength: A Roofer must be able to carry heavy materials, like bundles of shingles, up ladders and onto the roof.
  • Stamina: A Roofer needs to spend the majority of their time on their feet, even if it’s freezing cold or scorching hot outdoors.
  • No fear of heights: A Roofer needs to stand strong atop a building and be steady on his/her feet at all times.

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What are the benefits of hiring a professional Roofer vs. DIY it?

There is nothing wrong with attempting a DIY project, like painting a garden fence or upholstering furniture. But when it comes to the vital parts of a building, such as a house’s roof or its electrical wiring, it is strongly recommended to call in the professionals. Think of the importance of a roof: it is there to protect the entire building along with everything in it – and that includes you and your family.

Here are five advantages of hiring a professional Roofer and not attempting to DIY.

1.    Expertise

Professional Roofers have been training and working in the industry for many years. You can bet that they have worked on various roofs consisting of a variety of materials over the years. That means top-notch results for your roofing project, plus a safe structure that remains undamaged for a very long time.

2.    Cost-effective

Professional Roofers know exactly what type of materials to get to fix a roof, and also how to get it at a much lower cost than the average person since they have built long-term relationships with suppliers. Roofers also have the correct tools to successfully complete the work depending on the roof situation, cancelling out the costs of you having to go out and buy them. Should you calculate the costs of purchasing the needed tools and materials versus hiring a professional, you are sure to see a major difference in pricing.

3.    Quality material

Since they use first-rate materials for their projects, you can be sure that a professional Roofer will ensure your roof repairs last for a long time. Roofers know which materials are of premium quality and also which ones are ideal for your specific roof and situation.

4.    Warranty

Hiring a professional Roofer means you get an expert who offers a warranty on both materials and labour. This means peace of mind for you, since that repairing / installation project is protected regardless of what happens after the project is complete. Should any issues arise within the given time frame, the warranty means the experts will come out for inspection and to fix the problem without extra charges.

5.    Enhanced safety

Accidents related to new roof installations and repairs are quite common. That’s why professional Roofers always have the best resources available, which includes safety gear to get the job done as securely as possible.

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