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Roofers in Boksburg

The city of Boksburg is located just outside of the city of Johannesburg, in the outer east border. Boksburg started off as a small mining town when gold was discovered in the 1800s, and began to thrive from there onwards. The city has since outgrown the mining industry and has moved on to the next best thing; industrial manufacturing companies. These companies run the city’s economy and bring in customers and interested suppliers from all over the country. This city is also situated right next door to many air travel companies because of its proximity to the O.R Tambo International Airport. In this regard we can find a number of cabin crew training facilities, pilot and flying schools and certified testing grounds for pilots. 

What do roofers do?

A roofer is someone who is skilled in the very complex and technical process of installing, maintaining and fixing roofs. The roofer and the roof essentially, is what brings the entire building together and are made to last a lifetime and then some. There have been countless stories of roofs collapsing, leaking, flying off their buildings, and even setting on fire. All these stories are a homeowners worst nightmare, and this is why you will need a professional and well established roofer to get the job done properly. 

Cool roof ideas

We all know the standard roofing materials, and what benefits they have for our homes and most of all, our pockets. But what are some really inventive and new-age ideas for an awesome roof? 

The first idea out there that is becoming very popular as well as easy to install, is a ‘living’ roof. These are a creative way to add that topper to your home, but at the same time, expand your garden to the top of your house! How this works is that the roof is literally planted on and acts as an insulator too. It does however require some regular trimming depending on what you wish to plant up there. This is an eco-friendly option for your home and is usually less expensive to create than other roofing material options.

The second roofing idea that is also eco-friendly, is a rooftop garden. This requires a little more work than the first option but is a great space to do gardening and works well for modern homes in cities. A rooftop garden can be placed on any size building and can add some value to your property too. This is a space where you can add a pool, pond, barbeque space and even a club house. This is a great idea for an apartment building too. 

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