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Roofers in South Africa

The South African climate can be very unforgiving and can therefore take a strain on one’s home throughout the year. The main part of a house that can be damaged or altered due to weather would definitely be the roof. The roof of a home is a key factor in the reliability and durability of a house, as it must withstand more than almost any other part of the house, for example the walls, the foundation and the floors, which must remain sturdy and solid for years sometimes decades at a time before repair. The roof industry has many alternative materials it may use on a house all depending on the location and climate of where the house is, the aesthetic appeal of the roof was determined by the owners as well as the resilience and insulation of the roof that would be best for that home. This article will cover the factors that make up a good roof, the different materials used to make roofs, as well as what is costs to hire and work with a roofer. 

What Makes a Good Roof?

A good roof begins with really great materials. The materials have to be made to stand up to many different climate types depending on where in the world your house is located. Some roofs have to withstand below-freezing temperatures in the winters, scorching temperatures in the summertime, but especially ultraviolet rays from the sun which can shine year round in South Africa, not forgetting rain, sometimes snow and hail. The quality of a houses roof can determine how long it lasts throughout the years in these conditions. 

Roofing Materials

Now there are many types of materials that a roof can be made from, and we will be looking at a few in this article. First we must consider the following questions when thinking about roofing, and some of these questions are:

  • How heavy is the roofing material?
  • Will this roofing material need special framing? 
  • What styles and colours does this material come in, in order to suit my house?
  • Is this roofing material fire resistant? 
  • Are there any special installation and maintenance issues to consider? 
  • Does this material offer excellent performance in extreme weather conditions that your location has to endure? 
  • Most importantly, what is the cost, life span and warranty for this product? 

Moving on to what materials are used for roofing, we will begin with the concrete roof tile. This is well known for its durability, and ability to withstand extreme heat and harsh cold throughout the year. It is also one of the most visually appealing materials to use for roofing as they come in a variety of colours, shapes, sizes and patterns with textures. The concrete tile is perfect for a country style home, great for a decorative flair that adds colour and style to any home. 

The second type of roofing material that is commonly used by South African roofers is metal roofing sheets or tiles. These are metal roof tiles that are made from metals such as steel, galvanised iron and sometimes even very strong tin or zinc. These are shaped to look like or resemble a concrete tile or a shingle that tricks the eye into thinking it is one of the other roofing materials. Any metal roofing sheets or tiles are by far the more affordable option for the middle class and lower class homeowners of South Africa. 

The final roofing material we will discuss is wood shingles or shakes. The wooden shingles have been used for decades and probably even centuries as they are so durable and are now modernised to be extremely fire resistant. One of the most appealing things about the wooden shingles, is that they transform from their original woodland colour to a dark or sometimes light grey colour that is caused by the summer periods of time. 

How Much Does a Roofer Cost?

Let us start with the cost of the materials, which would be the various tiles and the assortment of metal and wooden tiles. A single tile or shingle can range anywhere between R 7 and R 150. But they are not usually sold one at a time, therefore we can look at the price of a sheet of shingles, which can cost between R 150 to R 450 per sheet of around five tiles or shingles in a row. Next, we add on the cost of the professional roofers who will charge for the adhesive materials, as well as for their labour. Roofers in South Africa can cost somewhere between R 50 000 to R 150 000 for all the costs involved in the entire roofing process. 

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