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3 Plumbers in Soweto

Plumbers in Soweto

One of the most famous and largest townships in the broader area of Johannesburg is Soweto. This huge township that is mostly referred to as a city on its own, has so much history packed into it from the struggle days of the Apartheid era. This was a township that was created for to segregate the white from the black people in mainly Johannesburg. Soweto has over 1.2 million people living in it, making it a more than just an informal settlement, more like a city. Some important neighborhoods that have been developed here are Braamfischerville, Sharpeville, Protea Glen, Pimville, Zola, Orlando, Dobsonville and Meadowlands to name a few. 

What is a Plumber?

A plumber is a God-send in the home making and construction industry. They are skilled and trained in the installation and repair of water pipes, water supply, waste disposal systems, and anything that relates to the management of water appliances in the building. A plumber basically keeps all your water ways flowing smoothly. This is definitely one of the most demanding jobs out there, as there are no set working hours. Clients may call at any time of the day and night, weekday or weekend, with emergencies that need immediate attention, meaning that there is a constant need for new plumbers to join the workforce. 

How Much Does a Plumber Cost?

Such a demanding job calls for any kind of working hours, and that means more pay. Odd hours on the job, being technically and physically skilled as a plumber means that they are one of the highest paid professionals in their industry. In some instances, they might find that they clocked over 40 hours a week which equates to a very healthy salary. Estimated earnings of between R350—R680 per call, per hour is what these hard workers have to look forward to. Emergencies that clients face means a higher fee too, as they might need additional equipment, extra hands to get the job done, and additional hours that they might need to be compensated for. 

Unique Plumbing

1.  Outdoor Shower

This is something that plumbers can design and install for you in your home. These types of showers are perfect if you live on the beach, a farm or even if you just feel like rinsing off after a long day in the garden. They are not as hard to install as people may think and can be used for other things besides the above mentioned. They may be useful for washing your pets, a way to save water when washing your car, and for a variety of other animals that you may keep as pets like horses. 

2.  Garden Irrigation System

This has long been used in the suburban gardens all over the world and have been upgraded and transformed to be better almost everyday. It is worth mentioning because it works so well. This is not a water waster as many people might think but can actually save you a lot of time, effort, and water. Plumbers can help you to install an automated irrigation system to your garden to especially tackle that stubborn dry or dead grass. 

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