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Plumbers in Polokwane

Polokwane is located within the Capricorn district of the province of Limpopo, and is also known as the ‘Place of Safety’ by many locals in the native language of Northern Sotho. Formely known as Pietersburg, the city adopted a new name when the reign of Apartheid came to an end in the late 1990s. This vibrant city has an estimated population of just over 130 000 residents and has much to offer in terms of exploration, wildlife, and entertainment. Not forgetting all the infrastructure that was created like shopping malls, day and night entertainment like golf clubs, dancing and night clubs, and various others too. 

What a Plumber does

Plumbers are one of the hardest working professionals in the construction industry and that is because they are extremely well trained in their craft. Plumbers plan, prepare, install, maintain, and fix water lines, pipes, sewage pipes, waste disposal systems, and any appliance that has anything to do with water flow. Because of their depth of knowledge, plumbers can help their clients in various rooms, such as a bedroom, bathroom, kitchen, and even in an outside lapa area that has running water. 

Rooms a Plumber can help you with

Plumbers are so versatile when it comes to what jobs and projects they can actually help their clients with. Below are a few cool ideas that you can ask your plumber to help you create or just advise you on what the best option is for your specific space. 

1.  A Home Spa

A professional plumber will most definitely be needed to properly create a well functioning home spa. A home spa usually consists of a hot tub, a one or up to three man personal sauna, and perhaps a relaxing day bed for after all the spa stuff is completed. For more ideas, plans, and colour schemes, homify is a great place to find inspiration. 

2.  A Washing Machine

This is a more complicated technical issue that requires following a number of detailed instructions and making sure that everything is connected and fixed correctly. A washing machine will need to have an appliance approved plumber or technician in order to have the most accurate application of that specific washing machine. 

3.  A Hot Tub

This is also a feature that a home spa could have but is usually a separate part of the home, and is placed outside near or around the pool area. A hot tub comes in a number of variations that clients can choose from. Plumbers can help clients install this feature, but must do so alongside a professional technician from that company. 

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