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6 Plumbers in Cape Town

Plumbers in Cape Town

This beautiful city is located in the South African province of the Western Cape, and is one of the largest cities in the country. This is a huge tourist attraction for South Africans and foreigners alike, with its wide variety of mixed cultures, traditions, wildlife, beaches, history and its World Heritage Site—Table Mountain. The coastal city has so much to offer from its adored flora-filled parks, white sand beaches, and its excellent educational institutions such as Stellenbosch University, the University of Cape Town, and so much more. Not forgetting the historic Robben Island, Kirstenbosch National Botanical Garden and the District Six Museum. 

What is a Plumber?

Plumbers are trained in the skill of installing and repairing water supply lines, waste disposal systems and other related appliances and fixtures that keep homes and businesses flowing smoothly. Plumbing is no nine to five job as clients can call at any time of the day of night with an emergency making being a plumber is a very physically demanding job. They are a talented bunch that can solve all the problems that are hidden in your piping and underground drains, something that not everybody has the stomach for. This is one of those professions that require plumbers to be there at the drop of a hat, and that means that there is a constant need for them, which means relative job security. Unfortunately the bad news is that being a plumber means working odd hours like more than 40 hours per week and must be available for nights and weekends. 

How Much Does a Plumber Cost?

Technically speaking, a plumber is one of the highest paid jobs in construction or home and building maintenance professions, with an estimated earning of between R350-R680 fee charged per hour. Which could possibly make their earnings per week over R5 000. Not too bad for such a hands on job. Globally this is a well paying job, where in the United States they are paid an average of $21.95 an hour. Something to remember about plumbers, is that their fees include special supplies and a one hour of labour will cost you anything upwards of R700 for an emergency. With that being said, an emergency might also attract a higher fee, especially if the item that is being repaired is much bigger than expected and needs additional parts, or more labour than anticipated. 

Bathroom Ideas

1.  Minimalist Bathroom

A minimalist bathroom bathroom is all about the defines angles, the bright white clean surfaces, and the use of clean and natural materials. When talking about the angles of the bathroom, we look at the clean cut edges of the bathtub, the stain free glass shell that surrounds the shower and not forgetting the fixtures like the shower and bath heads, and the faucets and door handles. The main materials used for a minimalist bathroom are porcelain, marble and/or granite, stone, wood, aluminium and tile. 

2.  Country Bathroom

This style of bathroom is more luxurious and reminds one of their own personal in-home spa. The materials commonly found here are terracotta tiles that invite in naturally produced warmth, and porcelain too. What is common here is large, oversized clawfoot bathtubs that could be big enough to be a jet bathtub. Also very popular in this bathroom is artwork. Why be lounging in relaxation without anything to look at? Finally we can discuss the colour scheme in a country style bathroom which is soft nudes, warm browns and pops of grey, white, and rich wooden colours. 

3.  Modern Bathroom

This is a bathroom design that is becoming more and more popular especially with new home owners or homeowners who have decided to take the leap and build a home from scratch. This bathrooms are the bare minimum and are famously simplistic. Less is more right? The materials used here are commonly tile, slate, granite or marble, and loads of metals like silver, sometimes gold, and aluminium. Colours that are commonly used here are variations of grey, white, cream and very light nudes.

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